Letter: Happy to be wrong about Trump

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There are times in life when we are happy to be wrong. Donald Trump was not among my top choices for President; however, nine cabinet appointees are professing born-again Christians. One (Sonny Perdue) I know personally. Sonny Perdue was a Sunday School teacher in our former church and I conducted the weddings of both of his sons. VP elect Mike Pence has been very outspoken about his faith in Jesus, as have Dr. Ben Carson and Kellyanne Conway. Sonny Perdue publicly called upon our state to pray for rain during a drought (and was mocked by unbelievers). This is more evangelical Christian appointees than any president has appointed in my lifetime … including my political hero, Ronald Reagan! PRAISE GOD!

May the “Never-Trump” evangelical leaders join me in saying, “To God be the glory!” Let’s pray for and get behind President-elect Trump.


Pastor Mike Dorough
Riverbend Baptist Church
Gainesville, GA

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