#WhyBible encouraging others to tell Scripture stories

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Wycliffe Bible Translators USA is urging others to share their stories on Scripture’s impact in their lives through the #WhyBible hashtag. GETTY IMAGES/Special

Scripture directs the daily lives of millions across the globe. In September, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA hopes readers will share its impact online with the hashtag #WhyBible.

“The Word of God is perhaps the most important ingredient for a healthy, individual faith and a thriving church community. But research shows that a surprising number of people, including believers, are apathetic about the Bible,” said Bob Creson, president and CEO of Wycliffe USA. “We want to start a conversation about the Bible’s power to change lives.”

A State of the Bible 2016 report produced by the American Bible Society and Barna Group revealed a majority of Americans still respect Scripture. However, the same report revealed a drop in those who see it as sacred, from 86 to 80 percent. Additionally, the number of Americans saying the Bible isn’t a sufficient guide for life rose from 23 to 33 percent.

So, while most Americans see the Bible’s importance, more skeptics are appearing.

Start, continue a trend

The report also stated 16 percent of Millennials believe the Bible is the actual, literal Word of God. In addition, one in three Millennials view it as “just another book.” One in five teenagers expressed a similarly negative view of Scripture.

Despite their label, 30 percent of non-Christians view the Bible as useful for moral teachings. However, almost as many (27 percent) say its a dangerous book of religious dogma.

#WhyBible has already been on trending on social media, but September gets a special emphasis. Wycliffe USA launched the movement. But, Creson emphasized the intention for engaging all leaders and organizations connected to the global church.

“This issue is much bigger than Wycliffe USA,” he said. “Our hope is that other faith-based organizations, churches, parachurch organizations, and individual believers of all kinds will join in this discussion about why the Bible matters today and to share stories about its incredible impact on individuals, communities, and the world.”

For its part, the organization will focus on storytelling and gathering testimonies of the Bible’s impact around the world. Individuals, of course, may join in. Free resources for #WhyBible and more information can be found online.

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