Damascus Baptist Church, Appling celebrates 195th anniversary

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Damascus Baptist Church in Appling has a history going back to the beginnings of the Georgia Baptist Convention. GERALD HARRIS/Index

Damascus Baptist Church in Appling has a history going back to the beginnings of the Georgia Baptist Convention. GERALD HARRIS/Index

APPLING – On Sunday Oct. 18 Damascus Baptist Church in Appling celebrated its 195th anniversary. David Stockton is the pastor of the church.

The church was organized July 29, 1820 and later constituted by Samuel Cartledge and Widner Hillman. James Ramsey was the first clerk of the church and Jeremiah Blanchard was the first deacon, elected Sept. 9, 1820.

The first pastor, Samuel Cartledge, served the church from 1820 to 1839. He was the law enforcement officer who arrested Rev. Daniel Marshall, founder of Kiokee Church in 1772, who was hauled into court in Augusta for “holding religious services not in accord with the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England.”

Cartledge was said to have been so impressed by the exhortation by Mrs. Marshall upon the arrest of her husband that he was converted, baptized by Rev. Marshall, served as a deacon for several years, and was ordained in 1789. He preached for the rest of his life.

For a time after the War Between the States the church did not meet but, under the leadership of Mrs. Jane Harden Embank, it was reactivated in 1875. The present building was constructed in 1901. Several additions have been made since that time.

The anniversary celebration was well attended. Susan DeFoor presented some of the church’s history highlights. Guest musicians were Neal and Jan Little. Gerald Harris, editor of The Christian Index, presented the anniversary message.

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