The adult ‘destination resorts’ coming to Georgia aren’t for kids!

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When you imagine a destination resort, what comes to mind? Probably a happy, family-friendly place that is safe for kids, fun activities abound, or a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. Maybe your own memories at Disney© with Mickey Mouse© and your children or grandchildren come to mind, or last year’s trip to Pigeon Forge for family-friendly entertainment.

Now imagine the results of a Georgia “destination resort” where steps from gambling and adult shows are poverty-stricken streets where local businesses have shuttered, adults gamble away grocery money, and trafficking of women and children thrives. (See Gambling Facts

If legislators want to promote casinos in Georgia, at least be candid and call them casinos!

Last year Georgia Baptists made a difference and told the legislature (view video) that we didn’t want casinos in Georgia and the undesirable effects including negative economic impacts, increased crime, prostitution, gambling, drug addiction, and more.

Unfortunately, the Casino lobby is back in Georgia bigger than ever this year … but this time Senate Bill 79, the “Destination Resort Act”, sponsored by Sen. Brandon Beach has no mention of casinos in the name. The word “casino” may not be there, but it will be impossible to hide the long-term moral, social, and economic impact that will follow. Great summary from Representative Wes Cantrell – Would “Destination Resorts” in Georgia Boost our Economy? Don’t Bet on It!

Senator Beach’s bill is scheduled for a hearing this Today, Feb. 9 at 1 p.m. in the Senate Regulated Industries Committee. At this moment, it is scheduled for only a hearing. The best opportunity to let your voice be heard is now, to prevent the bill from getting out of committee!

#1. Contact YOUR Senator and let them know that you want them to OPPOSE ANY expansion of gambling in our state. Go here to find and contact your senator.

#2. Contact these committee members immediately and let them know that you want them to vote NO on allowing Senate Bill 79 to pass the committee! Please be polite and respectful in communicating your concerns.

Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee Members
Jeffares, Rick, Chairman (R – McDonough)
Phone: 404-463-1376

Ginn, Frank (R – Danielsville)
Phone: 404-656-4700

McKoon, Joshua (R- Columbus)
Phone: 404-463-3931

Harbison, Ed (D – Columbus)
Phone: 404-656-0074

Shafer, David (R – Duluth)
Phone: 404-656-0048

Unterman, Renee (R – Buford)
Phone: 404-463-1368

Cowsert, Bill (R – Athens)
Phone: 404-463-1366

Gooch, Steve (R – Dahlonega)
Phone: 404-656-9221

Henson, Steve (D – Stone Mountain)
Phone: 404-656-0085

Hill, Jack (R – Reidsville)
Phone: 404-656-5038

Kennedy, John (R – Macon)
Phone: 404-656-0045

Lucas, David (D – Macon)
Phone: 404-656-5035

Miller, Butch (R – Gainesville)
Phone: 404-656-7454

Mullis, Jeff (R – Chickamauga)
Phone: 404-656-0057

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