Be your best

Shot of two sporty men exercising together outdoors

To be your best you must do things that others are unwilling to do, and sacrifice things they are not willing to sacrifice.

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of me will save it.” – Luke 9:24

Oftentimes we try to accomplish godly assignments with carnal abilities. We will attempt to change everything and everyone else instead of looking inward. I have found that in the journey of life there must be sacrifices. I am not speaking of involuntary lack, but voluntary refusal. This means having the courage and strength to refrain from the things that we are doing that are hindering us from operating in the greatness that God wants from us. It is like losing weight; one must sacrifice time, comfort, and even food.

Remember greatness only comes to those who are not only willing but are also intentional about changing themselves for the better. It is not until we sacrifice our ways and thought processes to God that we will be able to be the best us that we can be.