Bible Studies for Life, Nov. 10: God’s will and my circumstances

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Rom. 8: 26-32
Randy Jacoby, pastor
First Baptist Church, Folkston

At the heart of many issues surrounding the topic of “God’s will and my circumstances” lies the issue of trust.

 “Can I trust the Lord in my circumstances?”

 “Can I trust Him with my circumstances?”

“Can I trust that God will bring good out of this?”

“Does He even know what’s happening, and if so, does He care?”

Trusting God in life has nothing to do with our circumstances. It has everything to do with the character of the God our trust rests upon! For this reason, Rom. 8:26-32 is gold. These verses declare God’s heart and power toward His children and their circumstances.

God reveals His heart toward his people. 
Rom. 8:26-27

In these verses, God’s Word reminds Christians that His Holy Spirit is helping us. He knows our limitations. the Spirit intercedes for us… perfectly aligned with the very will of God we seek to know and understand. God knows us and is for us! The portrait of God’s character revealed here is consistent with the fatherly character revealed in passages such as Matt. 7:9-11. If we ask for bread, he will not give us a rock.

We can trust Him with our circumstances because we know the Father, we know His track record and we know his promises.

God purposefully works in our circumstances.
Rom. 8: 28-30

Here, Paul reminds believers that the God is not a bystander when it comes to our lives. God works. He is active. He is powerful. He is purposeful. He weaves events together for the good of those who trust Him.

The Lord foreordains, predestines, calls, justifies, and He glorifies. The Lord is not passive. Paul declares God’s work with the same confidence Isaiah displayed when he prophesied the coming Messiah. “The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this” (Isa. 9:7).

We can trust God in our circumstances, because He works in the midst of them… and He is working for our good!

God has proven that He is for us.
Rom 8:31-32

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”  When we are prone to doubt, we must remember His cross. He held nothing back in securing our souls. He became flesh and gave Himself on our behalf.

We can trust Him in our circumstances, because He has already proven His love by giving His own body and blood.

Challenges in real life

We know these truths. We also know despair, frustration, hopelessness, yearning, fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  We cannot imagine how God will grow us through the current trial. We cannot imagine how God is working in other lives and other places. We cannot imagine how He will one day weave all things together in a way that will advance his kingdom, be good for us, and reveal Himself as the glorious God of providence He has always been. We cannot imagine, yet we have confidence He will. Trust must keep us grounded and God has proven worthy of that trust.

In December 2004, God placed on our family’s heart the desire to adopt internationally. We knew little of the process. We had questions about finances, the child’s identity, health, and family repercussions. We began in early 2005, getting the massive paperwork process underway. After two long years of preparing and waiting, our adoption was completed in March 2007.

Once our daughter came home, we caught a glimpse of how God had been weaving circumstances together. We learned that when God touched us in 2004, our daughter had not even been conceived! God knew her. God knew her circumstances. He also knew how much we wanted and needed her in our family. Later, we realized that on the day she was left at the orphanage 7,500 miles away, her mom, sisters, grandmother, and cousin were building a stuffed animal for her. They prayed for her, still unaware of her identity and circumstance. We finally saw the other end of what God was doing during our season of preparation, frustration, and waiting. 

Not all stories have happy endings or at least we have not seen them yet. But remember, He is not finished. So, let’s trust him. He is worthy of it.

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” (Heb. 11:6)

Randy Jacoby
Randy Jacoby

Randy Jacoby serves as pastor of First Baptist Church in Folkston and as a member of the Georgia Baptist Convention Executive Committee.

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