Bible Study for Feb. 10: When Marriage is Questioned

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Genesis 2:18-25
Gregg Potts, lay minister

When a family or an individual decides to build a new home, they hire a contractor. After leveling the ground, one of the first thing the contractor will do is build forms that will serve as parameters for cement to be poured in. The cement will serve as the foundation of the home. 

The foundation is critical. If there are problems with the foundation, it will ultimately present greater problems. Genesis 2 tells us the home is the foundation of society. If there are problems in the home, it will affect every aspect of society. It is my conviction that most of the problems we face in society can be traced back to the breakdown of the home.

Considering all of this, it stands to reason that the home would be a prime target for satanic attack. And, the home is under attack. One of the prime areas of attack is the attempt to re-define marriage. In Genesis 2:18-25, the Bible tells of the beginning of the home.  Let’s look at those verses in this week’s lesson. 

Genesis 2:18-25
The beginning of the home

First, we see a need in the home.  The Lord had created the heavens and the earth. Then, at the apex of God’s creation, He created man. As God evaluated His creation, He recognized that Adam was lonely and needed a help-mate. God formed out of the ground every wild animal and every bird of the sky and God brought them to man to see what he would call them. But among all of God’s creation, there wasn’t found a helper suitable for man. So, man needed a help-mate. The Bible says “…for the man no helper was found.” 

The Hebrew word that is translated “helper” refers to one who “aids, assists, or supports.” So, Adam needed a help-mate. God saw the need in Adam’s life.

Second, we see a partner in the home. The scripture says that God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper corresponding to him.” A spouse is a partner in life. 

It is significant that Eve was fashioned around a rib taken from Adam’s side. 

Bible scholar Matthew Henry once said:

“Women were created from the rib of man to be beside him, not from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled by him, but from under his arm to be protected by him, near to his heart to be loved by him.”

Woman was to be a help-mate for man. She was to complete man. 

In a popular movie from the past twenty years, the lead character said to a girl he is proposing to, “You complete me.” That’s what a partner is supposed to do… complete us. In many marriages, one partner is a very out-going type while the other is reserved. One is very detail oriented while another is not. A man and a wife are partners. 

Third, the perversion of the home. After God made Adam, God recognized that Adam was lonely. This reminds us that man is a social being. Man was not meant to live alone. So, God caused Adam to sleep and He took a rib from Adam’s side. Around that rib, God made woman. This was the beginning of the home. 

I don’t necessarily want to stir the waters here, but I think it’s important to point out that marriage is to be between a man and a woman. In recent years our nation has approved same-sex marriage. I love all people and I want to minister to all people, but the scripture is clear that marriage is to be between a man and a woman. 

Fourth, the purpose of the home. Verse 24 says, “This is why a man leaves his father and mother and bonds with his wife, and they become one flesh.” This verse gives us the beginning of the home. A home is two people, a man and a woman, who leave their homes and come together to form a new home. They leave their father and mother and cleave to one another.

This can present challenges at times. Two young people grow up two different homes. When they get married, they are starting their home. Each brings with them patterns learned in their childhood homes. Some will carry over to the new home, but others will be discarded. At times, this can be a challenge for the parents. 

Two years ago, at Christmas, my oldest son told us that he and his new wife wouldn’t be spending the night at our house on Christmas Eve. They wanted to be in their house Christmas morning. They live about forty-five minutes from us. It bothered me… I asked them to spend the night with their brother and sister but they insisted. I admit, it took me a little while to accept it but finally, I had to realize that they were starting their own home. They were leaving their father and mother and cleaving to one another. 

The home is under attack today and because of that we must defend it.  Years ago, I heard Dr. Ed Young speak. Dr. Young is the pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Dr. Young was talking to a group of ministers about his philosophy of ministry. This was in the 80’s. Dr. Young said, “Men, pitch your tent toward the home.” What he meant was, the home is special. People want to know how they can have a better home. That was thirty years ago. It still holds true today. If we follow the principles of scripture, we can all have better and stronger homes.  

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