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Do We Need a Cultural Counter-Revolution?

While we didn’t “catch the colors” just right, we did catch a good glimpse of post-Christian culture. Picturesque, but empty, churches. Once-upon-a-time Christian colleges with rich endowments and majestic buildings, but now characterized by a …

Is there a purgatory?

Let’s ask and answer three questions: What is Purgatory? Where did the notion of Purgatory originate? How Scriptural is it? First Question: What is Purgatory? The simplest answer is to say that it is a …

What happens to young children who die?

Question: What happens to young children who die? Answer: This is a piercing question for anyone who has lost a child! The death of a child is a horrible, horrendous, if not hellacious experience for …

What is heaven like?

The hospice patient had fought a long and hard fight against cancer. Her body is wasted and worn out. She is at peace, having not just entrusted her life to Christ but also her dying …
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