Associate Pastor of Youth

Elam Baptist Church, in Millen GA, is looking for a full-time Associate Pastor of Youth. 



The Associate Pastor/Director of Youth Ministries is responsible for planning, coordinating, promoting, and leading a variety of programs and activities that will develop and strengthen the students in grades 6 through high school in their Christian walk.

Ministerial Duties

  1. Plans and conducts special projects, spiritual activities, and fellowship events to further the youth ministry.
  2. Provides spiritual counseling to the youth and their parents in the areas of commitment to Christ, Christian discipleship, church membership, and stewardship.
  3. Visits members and prospects.
  4. Attends all functions and activities of the church pertaining to the youth.
  5. Plans and conducts duties as assigned for special programs, revivals, and all other activities of the church.
  6. Witnesses and counsels in youth-related events and other opportunities.

Administrative Duties

  1. Consults with other staff members on a regular basis to coordinate the youth ministry with other ministries of the church.
  2. Prepares recommendations for the Youth Ministry budget and administers the Youth Ministry funds. Submit a budget request to the Finance Committee the last week in June.
  3. Provides staff assistance to the children’s ministry through which all activities are coordinated.
  4. Provides staff assistance as assigned by the senior pastor.

Developmental Duties

  1. Plans, organizes, coordinates, and evaluates the education programs of the church for youth from grades 6 through high school.
  2. Develops a yearly plan of work to implement the goals and objectives of the youth ministry.
  3. Keeps abreast of new and innovative programs.
  4. Recruits and trains church members to aid in the youth ministry.
  5. Leads workers and students in an outreach and in-reach program.
  6. Selects a committee to help in the development and implementation of the youth ministry, if he so desires.

General Duties

  1. Must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Keeps informed of denominational goals, traditions, publications, materials, policies, and plans as they relate to the church.
  3. Attends Deacons’ meetings.

Supervision: Senior Pastor

Competitive Salary Based on Experience

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Posted 5/24/2023