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Bi-Vocational Pastor

Smithville Baptist Church in Smithville, GA is seeking a Bi-Vocational Pastor. 

Our mission:

  • To worship and serve GOD through prayer, proclamation, music, and scripture with depth and sincerity;
  • To teach children, youth, and adults, through education and example, to spread the good news or Jesus Christ in word and deed;
  • To share the goodness of GOD through our gifts, talents, and service in the world with glad and generous hearts.


Purpose of the Role


The Pastor will be responsible for being the leader of the church. He will lead the congregation, the organizations, and the church staff in performing their tasks. In this role, he will provide the congregation with objective Christian advice, counsel, and leadership. Concern for the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of individual church members will be the provenance of the Pastor. He shall preach in the house of worship on the Lord's Day and administer the ordinances of the Lord's Supper and Baptism. Duties shall be executed in keeping with the Constitution and by-laws of the Smithville Baptist Church.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Plan, lead, and deliver a sermon during worship services each week.
  • Officiate weddings and funerals. This includes pre-wedding counseling and meeting with family members to make funeral arrangements.
  • Support the church’s program: youth group, men's ministry, Women’s Mission Union, and the Praise and Worship Team as time permits.
  • Visit hospitalized members and shut-ins.
  • Serve as Moderator during church business meetings.
  • Serve as head of staff.
  • Assist committees of the church in their ministry as scheduled. Initially meet with every committee and then as needed or scheduled.
  • Attend Friendship Association meetings as the head representative of our church.
  • Train newly elected officers and deacons and work with committees to set yearly goals.
  • Lead a Bible Study or Workshops for the faith development of members and new members.
  • Work to promote reconciliation within the congregation.
Posted 9/14/2022