Part-time Traditional Music Minister

Palmetto Baptist Church, located at 6344 N. Highway 29, Palmetto, GA 30268, is now accepting resumes for the position of Part-time Traditional Music Minister. Please email resumes to

Palmetto Baptist Church is seeking a part-time Minister/Director of Traditional Worship who will work with the pastor in planning, conducting and evaluating a comprehensive music program for traditional worship. The Minister/Director should have ability to understand worship leadership as a ministry and to engage pastorally as needed. The Minister/Director should have the ability to guide the ministry in determining music program goals, enrich the choir/special music, develop a plan of enlistment, and supervise the work of all music leaders in the traditional worship program.

Full Job Description:

The Minister/Director of Traditional Music is responsible to the Pastor for assisting the church in planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive music program for traditional worship and the
established choir.
1. Direct the planning, coordinating, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive traditional music program.
2. Serve as ex-officio member of the church music committee; coordinate the traditional music program with the calendar and emphases of the church.
3. Lead in maintaining a traditional music ministry; train all music leaders for the traditional worship; guide the ministry in determining music program goals, organization, leadership, facilities, finances, and administrative procedures.
4. Assist the Pastor in planning congregational services of the church; be responsible for the selection of the music.
5. Provide music for special projects, ministries, and other church related activities, such as weddings, funerals, etc.
6. Direct music groups and congregational singing, or arrange and train directors.
7. Supervise the work of all music leaders in the traditional worship program. Serve as immediate supervisor for any employees of the traditional music ministry.
8. Work in cooperation with appropriate persons in selecting, enlisting, and training song leaders, accompanists, and other musicians who serve in the church.
9. Coordinate the performance schedules of music groups and individuals in the functions of the church.
10. Give direction to a worship plan of recruitment and involvement.
11. Supervise maintenance of and addition to music library; provide musical materials, supplies, instruments, and other music equipment for use in the church's program.
12. Keep informed in current music methods, materials, promotion, and administration, utilizing them where appropriate.
13. Cooperate with associational, state convention and Southern Baptist Convention leaders in promoting mutual interest activities of the denomination and the church.
14. Work with the budget/finance committee to prepare and administer the music program budget.
15. Provide ministerial oversight of the people within the worship ministry.
1. Abide by all personnel policies of Palmetto Baptist Church.
2. Work in partnership with other staff members in a team approach.
3. Assist Pastor and Church Staff in maintaining harmony within the church fellowship.
4. Maintain a lifestyle compatible with traditional Baptist tenets, customs, and practices.
5. Serve as member of Church Council.
6. Attend church staff meetings.
7. Support other ministries of the church.
8. Assist Pastor in carrying out pastoral duties (visitation, personal counseling, weddings, funerals, baptisms, Lord's Supper, etc.) as qualified and as requested by the Pastor.
9. Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.

Posted 12/31/1969