Senior Pastor

Bethel Baptist Church is seeking a Senior Pastor. We are a small, rural church that is rebuilding our congregation. Above all else, we seek to honor God with passionate praise and worship, Holy Spirit-led preaching and teaching, and intentional discipleship.

We are a conservative, traditional Southern Baptist Church that is seeking a solid Southern Baptist Pastor. The ideal candidate should first and foremost have a clear, scripturally sound testimony of salvation. He should also have an obvious call to ministry and have a personal and family lifestyle that bears evidence of a life transformed by the Holy Spirit. He must meet the guidelines of ministry found in I Timothy 3. Likewise, the candidate's family should also give clear evidence to salvation and possess strong moral character, personal integrity and testimony, and a public reputation of the same.

The ideal candidate should also be noted for his personal prayer life, strong evidence of Holy Spirit leading, and be a strong expositor, an exegete of scripture, and apt to teach. The candidate must be in agreement with Southern Baptist doctrine and practices as found in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, in addition he must be noted for Godly leadership, humility, and the ability to minister to all his congregants, even those that may be difficult.

Bethel Baptist Church is seeking to rebuild on the foundations laid out in scripture. We seek a pastor that will labor beside us, encourage, lead, direct as needed, hold us accountable, pray for and with, and minister to the flock. We are not large in numbers or finances, but we do seek to build something of eternal value here in Blakely, Georgia. We are praying for God’s man to join us in the work.

If interested please submit resumes with education information and  a minimum of three personal and three professional references to Additionally, you may also send any questions as well.

Posted 5/24/2023