Worship Minister

FBC Manchester is looking for an individual who can help coordinate our times of worship together. Our mission as a church is to help people Belong, Believe, and Become.


What does this look like for a Worship Minister?

We want everyone in our community to feel like they belong. Therefore, our goal in the worship service is to have services that tear down barriers from people hearing the Gospel and help facilitate people feeling like they belong to a group. Historically, FBC has been traditional, but the church understands that this has been a growth barrier for many people in our community, so we are hoping to find a person who is able to facilitate a transition to a blended service.

The next thing is for people to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It does us no good to have services that only connect to people already in the church walls. We want someone who places bringing people to the feet of Christ as the most important aspect of the service. If we truly understand who Christ is, then, our natural tendency should be to believe in the power of prayer and believe in the strength of the Scripture to change us in becoming more like Christ.

Finally, we want people to become more like Christ. There are 168 hours in a week, and the desire of FBC Manchester is to have our times together fill us and challenge our spiritual lives, as well as challenge us to go back into the world to make more disciples. Our desire is for all of our members to be disciples of Jesus who are making other disciples of Jesus.


How does the service currently look at FBC Manchester?

Our church has been traditional, but we are in the process of seeking ways to tear down barriers as God revitalizes our church. Therefore, we are open to whatever strengths the worship leader has. Over the last few years, we have had interims who have ranged from highly liturgical and high traditional church to fairly modern. We mostly use hymns, but many of our members are ready to incorporate more modern songs. Our choir will continue to be a key aspect of our services as they desire to help facilitate the introduction of new songs since they enjoy music of all styles.


Who should apply?

If you think God is calling you to music ministry and you want to be a part of a church revitalization, this might be the church for you. God has truly been working with us since last summer when we called our new Lead Pastor. We have gotten highly involved in the community, and God has graciously allowed our numbers to increase from around 50 each week to about 75 each week, including having 10 people officially join since January 1, three of which joined through giving their lives to Christ!


If you think you might be the one God is calling to FBC Manchseter or are interested in finding our more about FBC Manchester, we invite you to apply at FBCManchesterGAMedia@gmail.com.

Posted 1/25/2023