One email or call can be the difference in putting heartbeat bill on the governor’s desk

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As many of you know House Bill 481, known as the “Heartbeat Bill,” passed the Georgia State Senate last Friday. Although the House of Representatives already passed the bill, it must go back to the House again because of the changes made in the Senate. As it now stands, the House has yet to take up the Senate’s version to agree or disagree.

After not taking up the measure on Monday or Tuesday, we are hopeful that the House will vote tomorrow, Thursday, March 28, when they are in session again. It is critical that you contact Speaker David Ralston and your state representative and kindly ask them to call up House Bill 481 for a vote. Please let them know you and your congregation support this important, lifesaving legislation.

I am reminded of what the author of the bill, Rep. Ed Setzler, recently said about the importance of his legislation. “Let me be clear, legislators have only two choices on HB481: (1) vote YES to save the lives of 99% of the 30,000 helpless children each year killed by abortion or (2) vote NO to allow them to die a brutal death. There is no third or fourth option for our legislators.”

Governor Brian Kemp strongly supports this legislation – “As Governor, I have made it clear that I intend to sign the strongest pro-life legislation in the country. The Georgia Baptist Mission Board and I need your help to make that promise a reality. I want to thank you for your continued support and ask you to help us protect tens of thousands of unborn babies in Georgia.

Now is the time to make our final push on what countless media outlets have called the most consequential and conservative pro-life legislation in the United States. Thousands of lives are literally on the line and there is no doubt that this will save more unborn children than any legislation in the history of the state of Georgia. Click HERE to see my latest Public Affairs Facebook update.

To reach House Speaker David Ralston, please call (404) 656-5020 and email him at Click HERE to enter your address to find contact information for your state representative.

I’m humbly and sincerely asking you to take a moment to make these two calls and send two emails. Until you have spent time under this Gold Dome, you cannot fully understand the impact a contact from a pastor can have. On behalf of Georgia Baptists and the unborn, I thank you for your prompt attention to this.

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