12 characteristics of the best church staff members I’ve known

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Over the years, I’ve met some great church staff members. I’ve also met some problematic ones, but they’ve hardly been numerous. Here are some of the characteristics I’ve seen in the best staff members I’ve known:

  1. Loyalty. They’re committed to God, the church, and the senior leadership of the church. No one has to worry about their stabbing another staff member in the back.
  2. Calling. They might struggle at times with how they carry out their calling in a given situation, but they can usually speak about a clear sense of what God wants them to do. They know their giftedness.
  3. Teachability. They don’t assume they know everything about their area of responsibility. They may well be the most informed, but they remain open to learning.
  4. Commitment. These staff members aren’t always look toward the “greener grass” on the other side. They’re plugged in right where they serve today.
  5. Ability. We can’t ignore this needed characteristic—the best staff members I’ve known have been gifted (and usually trained) to do what they do. They’re focused and productive.
  6. Prayerfulness. They know they serve only under the grace and power of God. They talk with Him readily; prayer is in their DNA.
  7. Responsibility. They take seriously the expectation that they will handle the matters of the church in a godly, responsible way. Others can rightly trust them.
  8. Creativity. I’m not that creative, so I’ve been amazed by what these staff members dream of and accomplish. They don’t get stuck in “we’ve never done it that way before.”
  9. Honesty. If they have a concern about someone or something, they deal with it face-to-face. They’re not gossiping throughout the congregation about others.
  10. Care. These staff members genuinely care about their pastor, other staff, their families, and the congregation. They know people by name and minister to them when needed.
  11. Deflection. That is, they’re careful not to let success become pride in their lives. They honestly deflect any praise to God and others.
  12. Equipping. These staff members know their role is to help raise up the next generation of church leaders. They intentionally equip others for the work of ministry.

What characteristics have you seen in the best staff members you’ve known? 

This post originally appeared at ChuckLawless.com.

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