New podcast provides leadership principles for pastors in generosity

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DULUTH — The Georgia Baptist Mission Board recently launched a new resource for pastors wanting to expand their church’s capability in discipleship. 

The Kingdom Generosity Moment podcast utilizes different learning styles in addressing stewardship and how that plays into the Great Commission. In its most recent edition, state missionary Buck Burch interviews Larry Wynn, vice president for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board in the area of Church Revitalization, on how to best communicate generosity verbally. 

The process, Wynn explained, includes both “an individual getting outside himself, seeing beyond his own life and a church seeing beyond the walls of the church.” Recently, pastors across the state discussed the issue through a series of roundtables, grouped according to affinity, geography, and complementary ministry. The interaction, Wynn noted, showed those pastors as hungry for revival and a spirit of generosity in their churches.”

“We’re all on the same team with a common enemy and a common goal. We are not in competition with each other,” he stressed.

Bringing about revival

In addressing the principle of Kingdom Generosity, the podcast also looks at breaking down the spirit of competition that can damage the effort towards discipleship. 

“The twelve [disciples] were constantly competing against each other,” said Wynn, showing how competition among even Jesus’ own followers could stifle revival. As an example of how revival can happen through generosity, he pointed to Rabun County. “[It] started with a layman who moved to Rabun County and felt that generosity was about getting outside his own life to help others.”

The Kingdom Generosity Moment podcast will be updated monthly for streaming or downloading. 

“Different learning styles play a great role in the public education arena,” said Burch, a resource for Georgia Baptists in his own position  through Cooperative Program Giving and Stewardship. “With that in mind, the Kingdom Generosity podcasts explore unique ways to encourage it using a variety of learning styles. Disciples learn in different ways.”

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