Letter: On the New York Reproductive Health Care Act

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By Terry Queen

Terry Queen

I’m sure most people are aware that the lawmakers of the state of New York passed a law last week, called the “Reproductive Health Act” which removed most all restrictions for abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. The only requirement for the third trimester abortion is a determination by the abortionist that the mother’s health is at risk. This could mean emotional or familial issues; in other words “no restrictions.”

After this law was signed by Governor Cuomo, the whole legislature broke out into applause, congratulating themselves for passing a bill that, as the Governor put it, was “an historic victory for New Yorkers and progressive values.” In order to put “icing on the cake,” the Governor ordered that the lights on the One World Trade Center’s 408-foot spire be lit up in pink, as well as three bridges in Albany. How could anyone be more proud?

Let’s examine the “Reproductive Health Act”: First of all, it allows the killing of viable and full term pre-born babies up to their delivery date. No doctor has to be present for this procedure, so midwives and nurse practitioners can help with the delivery of the dead baby. Also, there is no requirement that the procedure must be done in a medical facility.

According to Steven Ertelt, editor of LifeNews.com’s January 24th edition, the abortion procedure is done as follows: the abortionist takes a syringe and injects poison into the baby’s torso or skull, causing the pre-born baby to writhe in pain (the nervous system has been developed) from this hideous procedure which may or may not cause death the first time. The mother then returns the next day to have an ultrasound to be sure the pre-born baby has died. If the baby is still alive, another injection of poison is administered, causing much more agony and indescribable pain for this completely innocent human being.

The next day, the mother delivers a dead baby in a medical facility or perhaps in her toilet at home. If the baby somehow survives this horrific procedure, the law does not allow medical care to save his life.

Can you imagine? Who among us could watch a helpless baby die without trying to help that baby? Can anything be more barbaric in a civilized society?

Did you know that the state of New York abolished capital punishment in 2007, after having stopped all executions in 1984? This means that a convicted mass murderer cannot be put to death by lethal injection (according to Google), but a 100% completely innocent pre-born baby can!

On the other hand, New Jersey lawmakers recently introduced a bill to prevent the slaughter of pregnant cows. You can’t make this stuff up! And we are a civilized society? If this represents “progressive values” as Governor Cuomo put it, I want no part of that kind of society!

Abortion was made legal by our Supreme Court in the Roe v Wade case on January 22, 1973. Justice Blackmon, in writing for the 7-2 majority, wrote “that if it’s ever proven that the fetus is a person, then the case collapses as the baby is protected by the 14th amendment.” Modern science and the ultrasound have proven over and over and over again that the pre-born child is a person. However, nothing has changed in the minds of the pro-abortion crowd as there has been over 61,000,000 abortions in our country since that Supreme Court ruling.

Unfortunately, New York is just one of eight states, the other seven being Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshire, Alaska, New Jersey, and New Mexico, in addition to Washington D.C. which have laws that allow abortions at any time during the pregnancy if the abortionist says it is necessary to protect the mother’s life or health. How sad that nothing in these laws protect the life of the pre-born baby. Here in Georgia, we must continue to elect pro-life legislators under the Capital Dome so that New York type abortion laws will not even be considered in our state.

Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe to those who call good evil and evil good, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter…” Are we not in those times today?

Terry Queen has led the Walton County chapter of Georgia Right to Life since 2008 and served as a board member for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Walton for ten years.

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