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NAKURU, Kenya – If you are looking for an example of humility, you can find it in Pastor David Mwangi. He was the Provincial Education Officer for the Rift Valley Province of Kenya and the pastor of the African Inland Church in Nakuru, perhaps the most prestigious church in Kenya where the second president of the nation was often in attendance. But Pastor Mwangi, one of the most notable citizens of the African nation, left Kenya to come to America to study at Luther Rice Seminary and earn a Doctor of Ministry. Pastor Mwangi united with Eastside Baptist Church in Marietta and accepted a job as a custodian at the church to provide for his family.

Imagine having notoriety and influence in one nation and coming to America to study and serving as a janitor. Pastor Mwangi proved himself to be not only unpretentious, but intelligent, gracious, and godly. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on “Organizing Mission Expeditions for Churches in America”.

As an example of his expertise in organizing a mission excursion, he assembled almost 50 people from the Eastside Church to join him in a mission venture to his home country. Eastside members would attest to the fine-tuned and efficient way he planned the trip and prepared the people for their engagement with the Kenyans. Mwangi was instrumental in providing helpful guidance to the various ministry teams. Some were assigned to teach pastors basic theology and evangelistic methods. Another team assisted people in need of medical, dental, and optical care. Another team was responsible for sharing biblical principles to help couples in their marriage and in their parenting. Others were prepared for the challenge of caring for orphans, and all were equipped to share the Gospel.

The mission volunteers having been divided into multiple teams were given their assignments each morning and it appeared that the preparation was incredibly meaningful to each person who was involved and certainly had a significant impact upon the area in and around Nakuru.

The HIV AIDS virus has been a frightening epidemic in Kenya for years. Every year, 21 percent of new adult HIV infections occur among young women aged 15-24. Many parents have died from AIDS, leaving many children as orphans. Statistics indicate that there are over 3 million orphans in Kenya. So, the physical and spiritual needs in Kenya do not seem to be diminishing.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Orphan Concern closed its doors to 140 students. Mwangi stated, “It was painful to abandon those children and have to let them go back into their communities without proper nourishment, protection or training.”

David Mwangi wants to invite Baptist pastors and their mission teams to come to Kenya to serve alongside him on short-term evangelistic and preaching ventures. He has now partnered with his son, Samuel Mwangi Ndungu and his wife, Sarah, to resurrect his former ministry under a new name, Youth Impact Global Outreach.

The needs are great and include working in the schools of Kenya, re-establishing the school in Solai, construction projects, providing medicine, digging wells, instruction on growing basic crops, training pastors, preaching, helping to dispel the false ideologies and philosophies being taught in the schools of Kenya.

Mwangi declares, “In our community there are more than 150 pastors and evangelists who need to be trained and introduced to online education whereby they can learn without leaving their congregations.

“We appeal for any help we can get to continue this great work. Our youths need help, because they are getting involved in drugs, immoral conduct and getting lost in the darkness of satanism. Youth Impact Global Outreach will continue serving God and becoming a help to the communities in Kenya. Pray for this Organization as we continue to fulfill the great commission.”

The needs are almost inexhaustible, and the rewards are so fulfilling and lasting.

An Acts 1:8 church not only finds ways to minister in their Jerusalem, but reaches out to their Judea, then extends their outreach into their Samaria and does not stop until it embraces the needs of people to the uttermost ends of the Earth. Maybe Kenya could complete your goal to go to the ends of the earth.

While the needs of Kenya are great, God has placed the inhabitants in a beautiful country. The Rift Valley that goes right through Kenya is one of the geological wonders of the world and one of the nation’s prized attractions, boasting beautiful lakes and escarpments, which provide havens for plentiful wildlife. Lake Nakuru is a wildlife habitat and is known for the vast number of pink flamingos that get their pink hue from the insects’ larvae and algae they eat. The area is also known for having waterbucks, impalas, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses.

Mission excursions can be exhausting and are sometimes rewarded with a Maasai Mara real-life adventurous safari in an open truck equipped for the experience or a hot air balloon ride over all the African wildlife in their natural habitat. The Maasai Mara is a picture of quintessential Africa and those who go generally find themselves firmly in safari heaven with iconic wildlife, culture, and experiences.

However, nothing compares with sharing the Gospel with people who have never heard the name of Jesus; and then watch them smile with hope at the thought of Christ who offers salvation and peace in a troubled world.

Pastors and missions leaders, if you are interested in connecting with someone who can help you plan a perfect missions venture contact David Mwangi’s son and representative here in the Atlanta area at 678-856-9487, or through email at:


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