EDITORIAL: Let’s heed the advice of David Jeremiah and get to work sharing the Gospel


More than 20,000 Southern Baptists have wrapped up a gargantuan business meeting in Nashville. Now, it’s time to heed the advice of David Jeremiah and get back to the work of spreading the Gospel.

“We have to stay on message,” said the 80-year-old Jeremiah, pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church near San Diego. “Take care of the business, but, when you do that, get back to the real deal, because the enemy will try to use things that we get involved in to water down the message.”

Jeremiah was referencing a number of issues Southern Baptists were fired up about. His timely reminder was that the gospel is far more important than anything else.

“The gospel is the power of God unto salvation, so preach the gospel,” Jeremiah said, eliciting boisterous applause from his fellow Southern Baptists as he concluded a sermon at the Music City Center. “Let other people be known for other things. Let us be known as the group of people who believe deeply in the faith, in the Lord Jesus Christ, that we preach that gospel, that we do it with all our hearts.”

We know he’s right. Let’s get to it.

David Jeremiah, SBC, Shadow Mountain


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