First Spanish-speaking church to open in Wilcox County


First Avenue Baptist Church in Rochelle will host the first Spanish-speaking church in Wilcox County beginning this Sunday, March 17,  at 4 pm. The original initiative came from the Director of Missions of Little River Baptist Association, Dr. Michael Gibbs, who was encouraged to consider the need by a few pastors and laymen. These encouragers appreciate the work that Hispanics are doing on the farms and in other jobs in the county, forming deep and lasting friendships.

Dr. Gibbs and the Associational leadership recruited Dr. Victor Lyons, the pastor of First Avenue Baptist Church to lead the new church plant. Pastor Victor and his wife Lucinda are former missionaries to Chile and have taught for several seminaries and colleges where they have trained over 200 Christian pastors and leaders.

The initial activities of the new church plant, named “Abundant Life” (Iglesia Vida Abundante) include an initial Sunday service on March 17 at 4 pm, and then three services during the Easter season beginning with Palm Sunday service, March 24 at 4 pm, then continuing with a Good Friday service March 29 at 6 pm, and ending with an Easter service, March 31 at 4 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The church plant team hopes to continue with worship services each Sunday at 4 pm. If the public has any questions about the church plant, please call Dr. Victor Lyons at (478) 636-8360.