Georgia pastor Michael Youssef sees 7,850 put faith in Christ at evangelistic event in Egypt


ATLANTA — Georgia pastor, evangelist and broadcaster Michael Youssef preached the gospel to more than 17,500 people at an event in his native Egypt, reporting Monday that more than 7,850 of the attendees put their faith in Christ.

“This is an uncertain and frightening time for people in Egypt and across the Middle East as they watch neighboring Israel at war with Hamas,” said Youssef, a familiar figure among Christians in the U.S. where he is seen and heard daily on his Leading the Way television and radio broadcasts. “With threats of potential escalation, many are asking why this is happening and will peace ever be possible in this region of the world.”

In a press release detailing the Nov. 3 outreach in Egypt, Youssef said he explained that “the only true peace can be found in Jesus.”

“We were hearing from a lot of people who told us that we should cancel this event, that it was too dangerous to host a Christian event in the Middle East right now,” Youssef said. “But our God is bigger than that. It was clear that He was calling us to Egypt and that the timing was perfect for us to bring a message of hope to people who desperately needed to hear it.”

Youssef is the founding pastor of the 3,000-member The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta. He is also the founder of Leading the Way ministries, which uses radio and television programs to broadcast Christ’s message of hope to people on six continents and in 28 languages.

The Egypt event was one of a series evangelistic celebrations Youssef began hosting this year in cities around the world, working in partnership with local churches.

Youssef has hosted similar events in Dublin and Belfast, Ireland, and is planning events next year in Veracruz, Mexico, and the northeastern U.S.