Georgia Southern BCM warming up for Singing Valentines


Students from the Georgia Southern University BCM gather around a recipient of a Singing Valentine. GSU BCM/Special Students from the Georgia Southern University BCM deliver a Singing Valentine to Lynn Reaves, a member of First Baptist Church in Statesboro. GSU BCM/Special

STATESBORO — For more than two decades, people in and around Statesboro have been ambushed by groups of college students this time of year, typically with songs, stuffed animals, candy, and big heart-shaped balloons.

To raise money for missions, Georgia Southern students through the Baptist Collegiate Ministries do the singing (three songs, at that) and stuffed animal/candy/big balloon-giving. "Each year during this time Georgia Southern students can be found in area restaurants, senior adult living centers, homes, and offices 'waylaying' unsuspecting loved ones with bursts of songs and gifts of love," says Jerry Johnson, senior campus minister.

“Its the most fun of all our fundraisers each year,” adds Laurel Ozier, a sophomore majoring in Child and Family Development.

The $25 for each singing telegram funds student work through SendMeNow projects. Students work with youth groups, serve in community ministries, help struggling churches, aid in clean water projects, and teach children, among a range of missions efforts.

“Singing Valentines is such a fun thing to do for others and at the same time helps raise funds for students who are willing to serve as summer missionaries!” says sophomore Psychology major Ashleigh Holmes

“For just a moment in time, those receiving a Singing Valentine are surrounded by students singing at the top of their lungs…. and they know they are loved,” points out Gabe Thomas, a senior Journalism major.

The BCM is currently taking orders for Singing Valentines, which can be paid for online. For more information call (912) 681-2241.

This year the Georgia Southern BCM is celebrating 70 years on campus.

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