Quake doesn’t rattle or roll north Georgia


DALTON — “I didn’t feel a thing.”

That was North Georgia and Murray County Associational Missionary Bob Bagley’s response to last night’s earthquake that occurred around 7:43 p.m. here.

“In fact, I didn’t know it occurred until you just told me about it,” he added with a chuckle.

“It must have happened on the way home from church because we didn’t hear anything about it during the service.”

Bagley and other Georgia Baptists could not be faulted for missing the moment when the earth moved beneath their feet. After all, it occurred 11 miles below Dalton and by the time the vibrations reached the surface it only registered 2.4. Initial reports was the Nov 29 quake was 1.7 but was later upgraded this morning by the United States Geological Survey.

“I remember the previous earthquake very well, the one that was centered near Chattanooga about three or four years ago. It started off real strange with a kind of a ‘boom’ followed by a rumbling sound. There really wasn’t any shaking, just a rumbling.”

Bagley said he’s not worried about flood insurance because his house is built on a hill. But he isn’t taking chances with an earthquake.

“I bought earthquake insurance after that last occurrence because it’s really not that expensive. And I’d rather be safe than sorry,” he added.

Bagley had not received any phone calls from pastors or churches members even discussing the mild quake. In fact, he didn’t even know one had occurred before the phone call from The Index.

“Leave it to The Index to let me know what’s going on underneath my feet,” he joked.

Chances are Bagley will not be needing that earthquake insurance anytime soon. There have been only 11 quakes in the state this year, all very mild, with the last two occurring this month.

The other November quake occurred on Nov. 16 in Eatonton and registered 2.6. It was five miles below the surface.

And both of those were barely worth mentioning compared to the 4.7 quake that occurred this morning near Medford, OK.

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