State of Georgia relents in collecting pastor's sermons


ATLANTA — Attorney Jeremy Dys, attorney for First Liberty Institute, held a press conference Wednesday as reported by The Christian Index regarding the termination of Dr. Eric Walsh for sermons he preached as a lay pastor.

Mike Griffin, Georgia Baptists’ representative under the Gold Dome, has said, “What is being done to this pastor is unconscionable. The sanctity of the pulpit is important to the freedom guaranteed in the First Amendment and an uncensored pulpit is a hallmark of our country’s history.

Dr. Wric Walsh speaks at the press conference held at Georgia's State Capitol. His attorney, Jeremy Dys, stands at right. GERALD HARRIS/Special The sermons of Dr. Eric Walsh had been subpoenaed by the State of Georgia, but a public outcry has apparently led the government to relent, reports Georgia Baptist public policy spokesperson Mike Griffin. GERALD HARRIS/Index

“The shameful examination of a pastor’s sermons and study notes is an unacceptable action and serious encroachment on our freedom of speech to say nothing of the violation of religious freedom. Our clergy being free to preach and teach the full and complete counsel of the Word of God – regardless of what any person or group of persons think about biblical truth – is at the very heart of our liberty as a nation.

“Thanks in part to the public outcry, Attorney General Sam Olens' request for Walsh to turn in his sermons has been withdrawn. However, not all of the requests have been withdrawn. For example, the State of Georgia still wants Dr. Walsh to produce any and all contracts he has, or has had, with his church and denomination. The state has no business reviewing a contract between a religious denomination and its chosen religious leader.”

'Every pastor should feel free'

Griffin continued, “Every pastor in Georgia and in America should feel personally threatened by this action taken against a fellow pastor. Georgia Baptists stand for freedom and integrity of the pulpits in the country.”

Please take time to contact Governor Nathan Deal and urge him to take whatever action is necessary to settle the case. It was the Governor’s commissioner, Brenda Fitzgerald, whose Department of Public Health reviewed Dr. Walsh’s sermons in 2014 and fired him. Take note of facts of the case. Then, ask Governor Deal to instruct Attorney General Chris Carr, whom he has selected to replace Sam Olens, to resolve this matter without fail by clicking here.

By the way, the governor’s phone number is (404) 656-1776. If he doesn’t answer, leave him a message.

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