Take responsibility for your actions


Scripture for today: Genesis 3:9-13. 

In Genesis 3, we read how sin entered into the world. The woman, Eve, is tempted by the devil and she eats of the forbidden fruit. Afterwards, she gives the fruit to the man, Adam, and he eats with his eyes wide open.  

At this point something changes. For the first time, the emotions of fear and shame enter into the human experience. Adam and Eve’s initial reaction is to hide from God. When God confronts Adam, his response is to blame Eve for his sin. In turn, Eve blames the serpent for deceiving her.  

Neither Adam nor Eve admit their own fault. Understandably, the concept of sin and repentance was new to this previously-sinless couple. However, we can identify with their response.  

Like Adam and Eve, we have a tendency to blame others for our sin. It may be a parent, a spouse, or stress from our job. Whatever it may be, we look for ways to absolve ourselves of any culpability for our actions. This shifting of blame did not work in the Garden of Eden and it will not work in the twenty-first century.  

So, if you are guilty, then you need to take responsibility. Don’t blame someone else. Taking responsibility for your actions will enhance your walk with God, and it will improve your relationship with others. 

This devotion is based on Marty McLain's book "The Crown has Fallen: A Study of the Kings of Judah." 

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