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The greatness of God’s love


Early one morning I had to go to Atlanta. As I was headed south on I-85, I was surprised by the sight of Stone Mountain. Why was I surprised? Because I had traveled this road many times but had never saw Stone Mountain from this location.

I know that Stone Mountain has not moved, so why was I suddenly able to see it where I had not seen it before? Probably because it was an incredibly clear morning and the smog of Atlanta was still suppressed by the calmness of the previous night. For whatever reason I suddenly caught sight of Stone Mountain with a stunning clarity. And I was reminded of God’s unalterable love.

The Bible tells us that God is rich in mercy and because of His great love He has made us alive together in Christ. Please understand. It is His great love that has made us alive in Christ. It is nothing we have done, only that which God has done gives us life.

Now Satan will try to keep us from seeing God’s love. He will cloud your skies with doubt, he will darken your understanding with depression and he will tell you that surely God cannot love you. There will be times when he will hide your view of God’s love with worldly smog and the pollution of sin will hinder your spiritual sight. This is when faith becomes sight. God’s love is unshakable. With a season of prayer and repentance you can clear your skies and see Him as He is.

Now it may be true and probably is that you don’t love God as you should. Still He loves you. Most likely your sight has been dimmed by Satan’s lies. So you must have faith. Faith is a wave that will carry you to the shores of God’s Grace.

How great is God’s love? How long will He love you? Well, start counting all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the earth. The final number of the grains of sand is the beginning of the number of days that God will love you.

I hope that you are a child of God. My prayer is that you will know and rely on the love that God has for you. May you always see clearly that God is love and whoever lives in love lives in God and God lives in him.

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