Truett McConnell students honored for academic excellence


By Jenny Gregory
Assistant Director of Content Marketing, Truett McConnell University

CLEVELAND – Truett McConnell University (TMU) honored students, faculty, and staff for their achievements during the 2020-2021 Honor’s Day awards on Tuesday, April 27.

Dr. Brad Reynolds, Vice President of Academic Services shared welcoming remarks, “Today we honor those of you who have worked hard, have loved the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.”

Addressing the students, President Emir Caner said, “We are proud of you; this wasn’t an easy year. We are thankful first of all to our Lord who covered you in His mercies and protection so that this campus, while cautious, has been completely open.”

“Secondly,” Caner added, “I am thankful for you. This year could have gone in so many different directions. Watching you in the hallways, at Carol Anne’s Café, out on the athletic fields, seeing what is happening in your lives…brings no greater joy than seeing what the Lord is doing in this next generation. We are proud of you.”

TMU acknowledged 49 students who were members of the President’s List, the Dean’s List, or both for five consecutive semesters. Three students, who maintained a 4.0 GPA, joined the President’s Club. The Dean’s List cited 15 students who earned a 3.5 or higher GPA, and 31 students earned citation on both the President’s Club and the Dean’s List.

President’s Club citations: Hyatt Hendrix, Madison Aileen Phillips, Haley Thompson

Citations for both the President’s Club and the Dean’s List: Sydney Beach, Kiley Leigh Blackburn, Zachary Bratz, Finley Payne Brisendine, Hannah Rebecca Brooks, Hunter Dockery Bullock, Ansley V Cain, Samantha Blanche Camp, Katie Erin Carruth, Alexis Neve Carter, Evan Paul Daniell, Whitney Davidson, Sarah Dickens, Dalton Seth Gore, Jessica A Hale, Dalton Scott Hardeman, Marissa Katherine Harkins, Sydney Ziglar League, Seth Anthony Ledford, Isaac Lopez Summer, Rose Loudermilk, Anna Mumpower, Helena Grace Robertson, Ava Seraphine Rokosz, Jacob Ross
Brooks E Rosser, Anton Skudarnov, Christin Stanley, Joshua Dillon Wages, Matthew Waymack, and Kayla Elizabeth Yarbrough

Dean’s List citations: Hannah Paige Akins, Savannah Barrett, Whitney Lauren Boehm, Grace Elizabeth Converse, Meaghan E Fallin, Douglas Mark Givens, Ian James, Jessica Michelle Lanier, Owen Parker Nobles, John Parker, Travis James Parks, Shane Pauley, Rachel Raines, Lauren Anne West, Levi Robertson Woodard

Six students were presented the “Second Mile Service Award” from Student Services which included: Kaitlyn Williams, Jordan Houle, Rebecca James, Madi Phillips, Josie Parker, and Emily Rogers.

Five students were presented the “Who’s Who Award” which included: Daniel Christopher Eppling, Seth Anthony Ledford, Emily Rose Rogers, Jose Santana, Slade Stanley, Christin Taylor Stanley, Victoria Wilson.

Two students were honored with Academic Excellence by Student Athlete: Owen Parker Nobles and Kiley Blackburn.

Student Leadership Award was presented to Logan Williams.

Students awarded from each school for Outstanding Academic Achievement are as follows:

The Hans Hut School of Business–
Outstanding Student of the Year in Business – Levi Woodard
Masters in Business Administration – Philip Smith
Sigma Beta Delta – Anna Brooks, Samantha Camp, Kerri Dugan, Whitney Davidson, Megan Fallon, Megan Floyd, Dalton Hardeman, Hyatt Hendrix, Sydney League, Anna Mumpower, Faith Reddick, Helena Robertson, Jacob Ross, Anton Skudarnov, Spencer Smith, Erika Vasquez, Lauren West, and Levi Woodard.

The Peter and Gredel Walpot School of Education
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education – Abby Maxwell
Bachelor of Science, Middle Grades conc Language Arts/Social Studies – Hannah Conners
Bachelor of Science, Middle Grades, conc in Math/Science – Victoria Wilson
Masters of Education, conc in Elementary Education – Danielle Turner

The Conrad Grebel School of The Humanities
Bachelor of Arts in History – Summer Rose Loudermilk
Sigma Tau Delta – Hannah Akins, Morgan Lomax, Anna Skudarnova, Ryleigh Watson

The Felix Manz School of Music
Bachelor of Arts in Music – Matthew Waymack
Bachelor of Science Music Education ¬– Sarah Dickens

The Martha Rielin and Elizabeth Salmen School of Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Kiley Blackburn

The Leonhard Schiemer School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling
Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Preston Sartain
Master of Arts in Professional Counseling – Sarah Robles
Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry– Douglas Porter

The Michael Sattler School of Public Service
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Seth Ledford

The Pilgram Marpeck School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Bachelor of Science in Biology – Katherine Kozlowski
Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science – Katie Carruth

The Balthasar Hubmaier School of Theology and Missions
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies – Will Morgan Myers
Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies – Breeanna Danielle Samples
Masters of Arts in Theology – Jacob Mark Keesee

Other awards included:

Presidential Achievement Awards: Dr. Toni Barnett & Teresa Haymore
Vulcan Materials Award: Dr. Gary Fangmann
Award for Faculty Excellence: Dr. Heather Ayers

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