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Two things Billy Graham reminds us


1. We must not be ashamed of the Gospel.

No matter when, no matter where, it seems that Billy Graham was always quick to speak about the hope we have in Jesus. Graham not only stood in stadiums to share the gospel of Jesus with others, but he was quick to share one-on-one with others as well. Countless individuals have shared how they were spoken to by Billy Graham personally about how to give their heart to Jesus. He was not ashamed of the Gospel.

2. We must be intentional about sharing the Gospel.

When you survey the life and ministry of Billy Graham, you discover he was intentional about sharing Jesus. He, along with his ministry team, went through great lengths to do evangelism on purpose. He did not drift into being a witness for Jesus. His focus on sharing the message of Jesus Christ directed his life and ministry. He was intentional about sharing the gospel.

Within ‘No Sweat Discipleship’, there is an intentional process built in to help us think about who we are called to reach with the Gospel. Using four questions, we are challenged to be intentional about reaching out to others with the good news of Jesus. Take a look at these four easy questions.


As a follower of Jesus, we should always know who we are called to reach. Don’t fall into the trap of being generic in your answer. We are aware that our focus is on those who are far from God. This question is designed to make you think specifically about individuals. We should always have a ‘who’ we are seeking to share Jesus with.


What are you going to do? This puts some action behind the Gospel. This allows you to think about the steps you are going to take in reaching out to that certain someone.


When do you plan on accomplishing your ‘what’ with your ‘who’? Literally, thinking through a time frame or setting an appointment has always been a great help. This also keeps us from procrastinating and and enables us to experience follow through.


This speaks about the place. This could be over lunch, at the ball field, at work, at their house, etc. Again, it's just another way to seek and be intentional in sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

Look, the likelihood of being as influential as Billy Graham is extremely low. However, the likelihood of being unashamed of Jesus and intentional with sharing the Gospel is extremely high.

Could you imagine how different your life would be if you took the steps of asking who, what, when, and where on a regular basis? Could you imagine the difference we could all make if we discipled others to do the same? We are grateful for the example of Billy Graham and we are encouraged by his life, ministry, and legacy.

This post originally appeared on Levi Skipper's blog.

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