Whitewater Baptist in Oglethorpe honors music team

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With over 110 years of experience between them, the music team of Whitewater Baptist Church in Oglethorpe has blessed the congregation tremendously, says Pastor Chris Hall. Pictured left to right are pianist Tracy Fowler, music director Cheryl Dorsey, and organist Virginia Simmons. CHRIS HALL/Special

OGLETHORPE — With decades of experience to celebrate, Whitewater Baptist Church recently took time to honor its music team and their individual contributions to the church’s ministry over the years. 

“Our church is blessed to have the music director, pianist, and organist that we do,” Pastor Chris Hall wrote to the church. Hall went on to extoll the efforts of music director Cheryl Dorsey, pianist Tracy Fowler, and organist Virginia Simmons. Dorsey has served in her role in excess of 40 years while Fowler and Simmons have done so for 36 and 40 years, respectively. 

“Each week, Mrs. Cheryl prays as she plans and puts together our worship services. She gets the visual slides that we use in our worship services together, and then she beautifully leads our congregation and choir as we praise and worship the Lord,” said Hall.”Mrs. Cheryl also leads our children’s choir and she does many other things as she serves the Lord in our church.”

In Fowler’s case, Hall also pointed out the role of preparation.

“I know that the ministry of playing the piano for church worship requires constant practice and preparation. I am thankful that Tracy works hard at her ministry and I am grateful that she uses her God given gift of music to bless our church each Sunday.”

In Simmons’ case, Hall appreciated the role of an instrument growing harder to spot in churches today. 

“Personally, I think the organ adds much to our worship and I am so thankful for the talent and the commitment of Mrs. Virginia, our organist,” he stated. “When I look at the keys of an organ, I have absolutely no clue how anyone could make any kind of music from it. Then Mrs. Virginia sits down at the organ and soon beautiful music is filling our sanctuary.”

Each brings their own skill set every time the church gathers to worship, the pastor noted.

“Week in and week out our church is blessed by the quality of service and the commitment of these ladies and for that I am profoundly grateful and thankful to the Lord.”

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