Your opportunity to reverse the political consequences of being an uninformed voter

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LAWRENCEVILLE — The airways are filled with political announcements, some boosting one candidate and some booing another. Your mailbox has also likely been loaded with political flyers for months taunting one candidate or touting another.

Mike Maciag, writing for Governing, declares, “When voters head for the polls, they‘re often confronted with a long list of races they don’t know anything about. Even moderately informed voters may find themselves staring blankly at names of candidates (and having to guess at which ballot to check).”

On July 24 Georgia will have a statewide primary election, whereby each political party chooses which of their candidates will represent them in the fall general election.

So often voters mark their ballots with no idea who they are voting for. We elect some of the most liberal, unqualified, frightening people to positions of authority because many citizens are lazy when it comes to knowing issues and how the candidates stand on these issues.

Joyce Morrison, writing for states, “Pro-life people who stand on the corner with signs reflecting their belief will go to the polls and vote for a candidate who has a proven record of voting for the most gross and barbaric procedure of partial birth abortions.

“Farmers vote for environmentalists whose goal is to control their land, control their water, and to prevent them from using any form of chemicals to raise their crops.

 “Strong second amendments supporters vote for a candidate who opposes our gun rights.”

Click on image to register for the July 21 Forum to be held at North Metro Baptist Church in Lawrenceville.

We should never vote for a candidate because of that person’s race, gender, or occupation, but because of that individual’s values and courage to stand for what is right. The best way to know what a candidate stands for is through a debate or public forum.

Faith and Freedom Coalition of Georgia is hosting a Georgia Run-Off Forum from 10 a.m.-noon on Saturday, July 21 at North Metro Baptist Church in Lawrenceville. Gubernatorial candidates Brian Kemp and Casey Cagle and Lt. Gubernatorial candidates Geoff Duncan and David Shafer will be present to give a brief presentation of their position on various issues of concern and then there will be time for a question-and-answer session to follow.

There is no charge, but the Faith and Freedom Coalition requests that those who wish to attend the Forum should register on the form attached below.

Frank Cox, pastor of North Metro Baptist Church, commented, “We would like for voters to come to listen to these candidates and interact with them to become responsible, well-informed voters.

“We are not hosting this meeting to endorse any candidate. We are trying to be responsive to the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s request to have the forum in our church in order for our citizens to become better informed voters.”

Cox indicated that if the Democratic Party needed a primary runoff to determine who would represent their party for the governor and Lt. Governor races he would have welcomed them to participate in the Forum as well.

The invitation insists that Tickets are free, but registration is required here. Bring your friends and neighbors.


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