What kind of reflection do you see?

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According to Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own image while observing his reflection in the water. The inability to have what he desired most – himself – led him to eventually take his own life.

I know a lot of modern day Narcissists who have fallen in love with themselves. However, we there is a way that gazing on our own reflection can benefit us. Rather than gazing at our “image,” we can benefit from a gaze into our heart.

Reflection of our heart

Our modern culture has romanticized the part of us the Bible calls our heart. We tend to think of the heart merely in terms of emotions and feelings. On the other hand, the Bible includes so much more in the human heart.

  1. Emotions. Often when the Bible speaks of the heart, it does refer to love, anger, worry, joy, and any number of human feelings.
  2. Intellect. Conversely, sometimes the Bible also include our capacity to know and process thought as a heart function.
  3. Will. Additionally, the Bible views the taking feelings and knowledge into account and deciding to wish or to act. 

So if our heart is a reflection of the “true self,” we would do well to examine it regularly.  Solomon commended the practice of good heart reflection.

Questions for your heart

Here are four questions to ask about yourself.  The answers reveal the condition your heart is in and the direction in which it is going.

What do you do when …

  •  No one is watching? Do you take shortcuts in the things that are good for you?  Do you indulge in things that are bad for you? You are in reality who you are in secret. The “private you” will eventually reveal the “public you.”
  • You are criticized? Are you defensive? Do you lash out at the criticizer? Do you seek to get even? Or ahead? Do you take the time to look for any nuggets of truth in the criticism?
  • Things go wrong? Do you give up, in, or out easily? How often do you find yourself asking, “What’s the use?” Do you tenaciously pursue victory over your challenge?
  • Things go right? Do you rest on your accomplishments or stretch yourself for more? Additionally, do your victories fill you with vanity? Do you hold in disdain those who didn’t accomplish as much as you? Are you an arrogant winner or a humble achiever?  

Falling in love with your own reflection

Take some time out today to look at your heart.  Better yet, ask God to shed some light on your heart.  I dare you to pray Psalm 139:23-24.

Beginning today, take intentional steps to align your heart more closely with God.  I pray that my life would so conform to the image of Jesus that when I look at my heart’s reflection I see Him.

This post originally appeared at JimDuggan.org.

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