Georgia Baptists join others in week-long, on-campus prayer event at the Capitol

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Georgia Baptist Mission Board staff met at the state capitol Nov. 7-10 to pray for leadership in state government.

ATLANTA — Georgia Baptists met with other ministries from across the state for four days at the State Capitol to bring focused prayer for government workers and offices. 

The event, sponsored by Concerned Women for America of Georgia and Cry out America, was part of an 11-week prayer emphasis that began the week of the 9/11 commemoration. It is slated to end Nov. 13. Georgia Baptists hosted the Nov. 6-10 section of the emphasis. 

“We will be praying floor by floor, office by office for each day of the week until the entire government building is covered,” Georgia Baptist state missionary Marty Youngblood told The Index in September

On Monday, Nov. 6, volunteers prayed over the Judiciary Committee Room and press conference areas on the first floor. In the latter’s case, prayers addressed the need for truth and for God’s influence over how the press conducts its role. Moving from there, prayers on the second floor of the Capitol covered the offices of Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp. 

Praying for legislators, bills being debated

Nov. 7 prayer efforts brought participants to the third and fourth floors. Legislators gain access to the House and Senate chambers on the third floor. Therefore, prayers went toward those individuals in their public service roles. 

The fourth floor brought perhaps the best praying perspective, as it’s where citizens are given access to view the legislature from galleries available in the balcony. Therefore, one can pray while watching laws being presented, discussed, and voted on. 

Day 3, Nov. 8, led pray-ers to the Coverdell Legislative Office Building (CLOB). Within it is the Committee Hearing Room 310, where the bills typically discussed cover topics such as alcohol or gambling. 

On Thursday, participants walked the State Capitol grounds and prayed for those entering and leaving the building. Also, they were encouraged to keep in mind that God is the cornerstone of government, and for elected leaders to remember that when conducting business. The Georgia Department of Education and State Superintendent Richard Woods also became a point of focus for attendees. 

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