A question in apologetics: Why do we believe in Jesus Christ?


I was inspired to ask and answer this question when I could not perform a wedding for a relative who is marrying a young lady that has yet to believe in Jesus Christ.  How do we help such a person believe in Christ?  Perhaps it is helpful to offer, in the words of Alice in Wonderland, “A Curiouser and Curiouser Answer” to the question “Why Do We Believe in Jesus Christ?” by exploring what I call Three Most Curious Facts about Jesus which I pray and hope will arouse the curiosity of those with “enquiring minds.”


  1. His Superlative Short Stories like the Parables of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son that portray extraordinary and extravagant love;
  2. His Soul-Stretching Sermon on the Mount that says so much in so little time, challenging us to be far better human beings than we ever dreamed of being;
  3. His Significant Signs or Miracles that defy explanation, reaching a climax in Christ’s resurrection from the dead corroborated by not just the Empty Tomb but Eyewitnesses willing to die for what they knew to be true. People are not willing to die for a lie;
  4. His Striking Statements about Himself being one with God. Anyone making such statements would be written off as a liar and/or lunatic, but no one tries to say Christ was that kind of person; therefore, if He were not a liar and/or lunatic He was Who He said He was:  The Lord.

 THE CURIOUS HISTORICAL EVIDENCE TELLS THAT JESUS WAS MORE THAN JUST A GOOD TEACHER, PROPHET, AND HEALER. The classic One Solitary Life describes how “all the armies, navies, parliaments and kings” have not changed the course of human history as much as that “One Solitary Life” dividing history into B.C. (B.C.E) and A.D. (C.E.).  For example,

  1. The Abundant Evidence of Christians made anew, bad people becoming good people, even the worst of people becoming the best of people like former slaver John Newton becoming hymn writer of Amazing Grace;
  2. Christians Befriending the Friendless and Helping the Helpless like no other group, rescuing abandoned babies and orphans, abused women and the sick and dying, starting orphanages, hospitals and hospices, charities and missions such as the Salvation Army and Samaritan’s Purse.
  3. Christians Creating Breathtaking Art and Architecture, Literature and Music Second to None;
  4. Christians Defending the Defenseless. The Apostle Paul defended a runaway slave in his Letter to Philemon.  After his conversion William Wilberforce waged a 45 year personal and political war against slavery which was abolished throughout the British Empire three days before he died.  Albert Einstein praised the Christian (Confessing) Church for being the only institution in Nazi Germany to stand firm against Adolph Hitler, and it was Christians like Alexander Solzhenitsyn who stood firm against Communism.  Who is the only institution standing firm against the immoral revolution raging across our society?
  5. Christians Educating the Ignorant. Most of the world’s greatest universities were planted and nurtured by Christians.  A 17th century Christian bishop named John Amos Comenus is considered “the Father of Modern Education.”  All but one of America’s first 23 colleges and universities were started by ChristiansChristianity is known as the “Father of Modern Science.”

 THE CURIOUS RELATIONAL EVIDENCE TELLS US THAT JESUS WAS MORE THAN A GOOD TEACHER, PROPHET, AND HEALER.  God came in the Person of Jesus Christ to demonstrate His Unconditional and Self-Sacrificial Love that is deeper and wider than what anyone has ever envisioned apart from Christ.  For example, we see His deeper than deep and wider than wide love in that He comes

  1. To Live Among Us. He is God incarnate.
  2. To Suffer With Us. Just as prophesied by Isaiah Jesus the Christ reached out to the sick and suffering with compassion and empathy.
  3. To Die For Us. Although Jesus talked about there not being any greater love than dying for our friends, He even died for His enemies.  My favorite verse, Romans 5:8:  “God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.”  My twin favorite is His prayer on the cross:  Father, forgive them (those responsible for His crucifixion) for they know not what they do.”
  4. To Live Within Us through His Spirit that enlightens our minds to see and know the truth in a world of lies; enlivens our conscience to resist temptation and when we fail to confront, confess and correct our sins; enlarges our heart to love not just family and friends, but neighbors, acquaintances, and even our enemies; and, to be able to Forgive and Forget those sins against us; and, encourages our soul to fight the good fight for what is right with all our might, and not become discouraged and disheartened when that which is wrong seems so strong.

    Yes, we have every reason to believe in Christ as our Savior and Lord!


    Dr. Paul Baxter is the mission strategist for Georgia's Pine Mountain Baptist Association.