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Anonymous church gives $10,000 to struggling congregations


DULUTH — A metro Atlanta church experiencing an abundance in giving since the beginning of the year is sharing $10,000 among four congregations.

The church is located in Noonday Baptist Association but choosing to remain anonymous. The pastor told The Index that months prior to the shutdown due to the coronavirus, the church had already been seeing an overflow of giving. With so many churches struggling financially due to COVID-19, a decision was made to share that abundance.

“I’ve been leading our church to understand that we’re the resources, but God is the source,” the pastor said.

The economic effects of COVID-19 have hit churches at different levels financially, with factors such as location, the predominance of online giving for that congregation, and the severity of the economic impact to that area playing a part.

However, other churches have reported little to no drop-off in giving. Many, in fact, have even experienced an increase.

One of those receiving the gift is a Haitian congregation in Stone Mountain Baptist Association. When Associational Missionary Larry Cheek was inquired about potential recipient churches, he talked with Bill Johnson, the association’s missions specialist who has led in SMBA’s church planting efforts.

“The pastor of this church has been very faithful in attending our roundtables,” said Johnson. “A few years ago he experienced an injury that has stayed with him and the church itself has experienced joblessness during COVID. This gift is going to benefit them greatly.”

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