Bible study: Sharing Jesus with others is non-negotiable

Luke 24:44–53


It is a major understatement to say that cell phones are prevalent in our society. So much conversation in our world today centers around our smartphones and the latest videos, memes or posts.

We are eager to share what we have seen or heard and want to include others in our discovery. It may be something as forgettable as a joke or even a picture of what we had for dinner, but for a moment in time, we feel that something is important enough to share.

Have you ever realized that sharing Christ is the most basic act of obedience a Christian can exercise? God used at least one person in your life to share the gospel with you and as a result, you believed.

Of course, we know that we cannot save anyone, but what a tremendous blessing it is to be used by God as a channel of blessing and a messenger of the wonderful news of Jesus.

The whole of Scripture points to the truth of Jesus. (44–45)

Jesus did not walk around with a checklist to record when He fulfilled the Prophets, the law or the Psalms. As the Son of God, He never had to prove Himself. So when He appeared to the disciples post-crucifixion, you can only imagine how amazed they must have been.

Jesus wanted His disciples (and us) to fully believe in Him and understand His love for us. Verse 45 beautifully shares that Jesus opened their understanding so they could understand the Scriptures. Someone who wants to know Christ should begin with the Bible.

Whenever you read or study the Bible, pray for God to open your mind to the understanding of who He is and what He requires. The theme and purpose of God’s Word is to reveal Himself to humanity and provide an understanding of the person of Jesus and the salvation He graciously offers the world.

The cross and empty tomb are central to the gospel of Jesus. (46–47)                                                                                                                   

After a proper understanding of and appreciation for the words of God, we will grow more deeply in gratitude for the significance of the cross and empty tomb.

Just as the Scriptures reveal God to man, the atonement reveals His plan for redemption. For Jesus to be God’s Son, you cannot separate Him from His death and resurrection. They are synonymous with who He is.

We have been equipped to share the message about Jesus. (48–53)

God never intended for us to share Jesus in our own strength. He knew we would need help and so provides us with the Holy Spirit to comfort, guide and empower us. Notice in these verses that there is not a single question.

The commands of Jesus are non-negotiable. These same words still ring true for us 2,000 years later. Our response to the words of Jesus should mirror that of the original disciples. They worshipped and were obedient.

I have spent countless hours in church strategy meetings assessing communities and planning outreach events, but it all boils down to my willingness to share the message of Jesus with anyone at any time.

You can do it, and the world needs to hear it. Go ahead and share that picture of your salad on Facebook, but do not forget to share Jesus with all the folks.


This lesson was written by Bobby McKay, pastor of New Liberty Baptist Church in Morton, Mississippi, and originally published by The Baptist Paper. This study is based on the Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway Christian Resources.