Breaking Easter attendance records: a plan that works


Maximize the most evangelistic Sunday of the year!

We’ve promoted various strategies before that WORK regarding Easter, so we won’t re-invent the wheel. There’s no need.

Here’s a plan for breaking Easter attendance records with direct links to the pertinent resources.

1. Get your web site and Facebook page prepped and ready to promote Easter the RIGHT WAY.

2. Choose this dirt cheap way to invite ALL of your community. (If you don’t have a designer, message me for my secret low-cost resource.)

3. Plan to kick off a new sermon series on Easter. We’ve got a complete series for you here, complete with social media graphics, powerpoint graphics, and everything… and other ideas if you’ve already that one.

4. Watch the Michael Stovall interview on how they successfully did all this and get fired up. (They had over 80 first time visitors.)

Just go for it! And don’t forget to share the clear GOSPEL message thatSunday, March 27!

Can’t wait to hear you good Easter report.

This story originally appeared at the Georgia Baptist Evangelism Ministries site.

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