Camp Rockridge is a treasure worth finding


FRANKLIN, Ga. — Have you ever been geocaching? It is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device to find some object or prize and on occasion the secret cache is something of value. One man reported he found a gold ring. Others have found money and gift cards.

Going to Camp Rockridge for the first time is somewhat like finding something special in a geocaching expedition, but much, much better. For most Georgia Baptists discovering this Baptist Assembly nestled away in Heard County would be like finding a hidden treasure.

If you have never been to Camp Rockridge in Franklin, Ga., you should visit this beautiful Baptist Assembly situated on 168 acres of wooded property with a beautiful lake, a miniature “Stone Mountain,” and accommodations for approximately 250 people. The conference center has cabins, a pool, a pavilion, a chapel, a large cafeteria and two smaller buildings with meeting rooms and lodging. Rockridge is an ideal place for “souls to grow” and “where the still small voice of God can be heard.”

Camp Rockridge, founded in 1957, is owned and supported by three different associations: Carrollton Baptist Association, Troup Baptist Association, and Western Baptist Association.

Wayne Jenkins, the missionary for the Western Baptist Association, explained, “I became a camper at Rockridge when I was 16 years old. I took students to the camp when I was the youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Carrolton. I was invited to minister at the camp when I was home on furlough during my service as a missionary in Germany. As the associational missionary of the Western Association my love and appreciation for this Associational Baptist Assembly has continued to grow.”

Andy Buchanan, the missionary for the Troup County Association, grew up in Troup County. His father, Fred Buchanan, was the pastor of the Southwest Baptist Church in LaGrange from 1968-1978, He testified, “My brothers and I went to the Camp Rockridge as often as possible. All three of us accepted Christ as our Savior and Lord while we were there.

“I recently saw Georgia Baptist Pastor Stephen Hart, who was preaching at the service when I made my profession of faith. We reminisced about that special occasion and reflected on the value of having an associational assembly in West Georgia.

“When I was a student at LaGrange College the Baptist Campus Ministry would have retreats at Camp Rockridge. When I was at Western Heights Baptist Church in LaGrange our children and youth went to camp at Rockridge.”

Buchanan continued, “I have been there many times just to enjoy the quietness and scenery. When my two sons were younger, we would go to the camp, fish for a while, and have a picnic lunch. It was always a place where I felt the presence of God.”

Countless believers across the nation and around the world have been redeemed, revived, and called into the Christian ministry by experiences they have had at some spiritual retreat or conference center. There are times when the hustle and bustle of life demands a change in pace, a new beginning, and a lift heavenward. Jacob had his Peniel (Genesis 32:24-30). Elijah had his desert place (I King 19:4-7). Jesus had His wilderness where He prepared Himself for the temptations of Satan by rehearsing the Scripture He would use to thwart the attack of His enemy (Matthew 4: 1-11).

Perhaps you or a group from your church need a time of refreshing from the Lord? The spirit of revival could well break out in a place where the world and its attractions are replaced with a setting designated for and devoted to the glory of Christ, our Savior and King.

Most of the summer weeks are filled with children and youth from the churches of the three associations that own and support Rockridge, but weekends are usually available for churches that want to have training for their leadership teams, deacons, and Sunday School/Life Group teachers. Some churches may want to reserve the camp for equipping disciples, marriage enrichment training, and staff retreats.

Those interested in reserving the associational camp for a future event should go to and fill out the information on the “Book a camp” section of the website.