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Celebrities and sore loser syndrome


In the 60s the nation was in turmoil. College students protested. Race riots were commonplace. The National Guard attempted to quell any evidence of violence. Curfews were mandated. Tensions heightened at a fever pitch.

While there was a just cause for protestors to seek racial equality, some protestors did not follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s call for nonviolent resistance. The nation was divided.

The nation is divided today. The division is a political and ideological division. Donald Trump won the electoral vote. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. The candidate who wins the 270 electoral votes wins the presidency.

Many staunch Clinton supporters want the Republican electors to break precedent and refuse to vote for Donald Trump, denying him the required majority. Some celebrities vainly hope Republican Electors would even dare to cast their vote for Hillary Clinton.

However, if the electors were to do as some of the Hollywood elite demand, they would be violating the Twelfth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which says “they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President."

These so-called “celebrities” have organized themselves into a group called “Unite For America.” They have made a video being televised across the nation and argue, “Only 37 Electors are needed to change the course of history.” Furthermore, they encourage Americans to make their own video appeal to the Electoral College.

If Mrs. Clinton had won the electoral vote it would have been equally wrong for some group to insist the Electors cast their vote for Mr. Trump. The celebrities say that the Electoral College was established to save the country from the rule of a demagogue. Their speech causes one to wonder who the demagogue really is.

Some celebrities venting their displeasure include Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Bob Odenkirk, Mike Farrell, and BD Wong. They are organizing rallies outside state capitol buildings "to help set in motion a historic movement to deny an unqualified candidate the nation’s highest office.” On Sunday evening, Dec. 17, this “Unite for America” group is calling for thousands of Americans to descend upon the steps of the Washington Memorial for a “gathering of the communities” rally. Some even seem to be pushing electors to vote for Ohio Governor John Kasich as a worthy candidate.

While there are some in the entertainment industry who are good, reasonable, God-fearing people, it would seem the majority are a bunch of self-serving, coddled whiners more interested in advancing their own personal agenda than fostering peace and goodwill.

Why do celebrities, many of whom said they would leave the country if Trump won, think they have the wisdom and expertise to give political advice? They have a platform, because they are in the public eye, but for them to counsel us on politics is akin to a plumber advising a urological surgeon on a kidney transplant.

So, the animus that exists between the two political parties now fueled by one candidate’s victory tour and the other’s sore loser syndrome has divided the country even further. Are there no statesmen left to bring order out of chaos? Is our destiny to become the divided states of America rather than United States of America?

Donald Trump won the presidency. Whether you like him or not, it's time to pray for him. Pray that God will grant him wisdom and discernment. Pray he will become a Christ-honoring believer, a man of principle, a man with convictions, a man who will be influenced and mentored by strong men of faith and a man who will bring honor and dignity to the high office he will hold.

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