Christmas presentation at Rosemont Baptist Church draws 4,000 people to hear gospel


LaGRANGE, Ga. – Some 4,000 people turned out to watch Rosemont Baptist Church’s Christmas presentation, The One.

The production, described as Disneyesque in its quality and scope, went beyond the Nativity of Christ by including scenes from the Old Testament that point forward to His birth.

Pastor Adam Camp said 300-plus people from his church either played parts or were involved behind the scenes.

Through the presentation, Rosemont was able to present the gospel to area residents in a way that Pastor Adam Camp said is changing lives. He said he knows of two people who already made salvation decisions and that he expects more.

“It will probably be eternity before we know the full impact,” Camp said. “The goal was to generate gospel conversations. It provided an opportunity for people to bring friends and family to see the presentation and then to have a conversation about it.”

As an added bonus, Camp said the production strengthened relationships among church members as they worked closely together in the weeks leading up to the presentation.