Commentary: ‘Quesadillas and Questions’ leads to conversations, salvations


“Quesadillas and Questions” was the theme for this year’s Georgia Tech Baptist Collegiate Ministries evangelistic outreach event. BCM students and volunteers from local churches gathered every day of finals week between April 27 and May 4 on the front lawn of the BCM.

Participants cooked more than 500 quesadillas over the course of the event and gave them out for free to students, with a simple caveat. In order to get a quesadilla, students had to ask any question they had about God or Christianity. If they could not come up with a question, then they were asked a question regarding their faith background.

BCM students partnered with multiple local churches to cook and serve quesadillas and share the gospel by answering the questions that students had. Different churches came out to help on each day we were serving, so that we would have plenty of help on all sides of the event.

The churches that helped during this event were Bridgepoint Church at Toco Hills, CityView Church, and M28 Church. We greatly appreciate all of our churches for bringing volunteers to serve, mentoring BCM students, and faithfully sharing the gospel alongside us through this event.

The purpose of Questions and Quesadillas was to create opportunities for gospel conversations while also serving on campus during the stressful period of finals week. I believe it certainly achieved its purpose as we were able to have more than 500 gospel conversations throughout the week!

There were a few students who became “repeat customers” that kept coming back every day to ask more questions and, of course, eat more quesadillas. For those that kept coming back, it was clear that they were coming back because they were interested in hearing the gospel and had more questions.

Two students made salvation decisions during the event, and several BCM students grew in their confidence to share the gospel. 

On Wednesday afternoon, I was manning the booth with a 3rd-year student, John. John was content with serving quesadillas while listening to me share the gospel and answer questions.

After the first wave of students came through, I told him that he would be taking the next question we received. He looked at me fearfully, but I assured him that he could do it and that I would be right there to help him if he needed me. The next person that came up asked John why he believed in God. John answered confidently and shared the gospel accurately and beautifully! The student responded that he appreciated John’s answer and that it encouraged him to think more about God. John gained great confidence and took more of a lead in answering questions and sharing the gospel for the rest of the time he was there that day.


Eric Swenson is the campus missionary for Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Georgia Tech.