Developing a Relaunch Roadmap


God is alive and at work! As we prepare to reopen our houses of worship amidst our global pandemic parameters and COVID-19 confinement, Greenforest Community Baptist Church joins other churches in taking the necessary steps. Below is a blueprint we’ve developed, not a comprehensive approach but one to allow C.H.R.I.S.T. to order our next steps.

C – Communicate constantly

Over-communicate with your core leaders, local congregation, and surrounding community on consistent days, in consistent ways, and on consistent platforms/mediums.

H – Highlight health protocols

Emphasize new safety practices and label where the new “sanitation stations” are located.

R – Recruit a relaunch team

Recruit at least 5-7 people to assist with strategizing, implementing, and assessing the reopening process. Also develop a coronavirus task forceto monitor and inform the church of health updates, data, and local health resources.

I – Implement in increments

Slowly introduce and include new practices, small groups, youth ministry, additional worship services, new ministries, and philosophies.

S – Study the stats

Compile, review, analyze, and report the analytics, data, measurements, and trends to help drive future decisions. This info will help you prepare for your 2021 budgetary process.

T – Try creating a timeline

Establish a tentative 4-month timetable (June, July, August, September) that everyone can follow.

There will be questions you’ll need to address before relaunching. Below are the ones we’ve developed.

Health and Safety

  1. What are the local, county, state, and national parameters for gathering?
  2. Will you set up additional “Sanitization Stations” around your church?
  3. What safety measures are you implementing around social distancing?
  4. Will attendees be asked to wear masks, gloves, or other PPE?
  5. How will Communion, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and Offering be done differently?

Communication and tech teams

  1. What will be your primary ways of communicating with your members?
  2. Do you need an online pastor?
  3. Have you assigned someone to capture data and measure analytics? (i.e. worship attendance, worship viewership, classes, and giving)

Worship services

  1. Will you continue to offer online virtual worship and classes?
  2. Do you need to establish new worship times or shorten your services?
  3. How will your church practice social distancing for weddings, funerals, mid- week worship, receptions, fellowships, and other large gatherings?

Congregational care

  1. What counseling will you provide people who are mentally struggling?
  2. How will you care for your senior citizens?
  3. How will you care for the sick, shut-in, and bereaved?

Amenities and bathrooms

  1. Are you planning to thoroughly sanitize your facility before opening?
  2. How often will your deep-cleaning intervals take place?

Preschool, children, youth, and teens

  1. How will you slowly and methodically convene young people?

Small groups Bible Studies

  1. Which month will you start to slowly implement Small Groups?


  1. How will you make prayer a priority in the church?
  2. Have you mapped out your preaching for the next quarter?
  3. What new evangelism strategies do you need to implement?
  4. What ministries do you need to combine, add, or eliminate?

Choirs and band

  1. Will the choir sing from the choir loft?
  2. Does the band need to social distance when playing their instruments?
  3. Will you utilize congregational singing or only use a small praise team?

Staffing and volunteers

  1. Will the staff work entirely virtually? In person? Hybrid?
  2. Does your staff need new or additional training?
  3. Are there any staff you need to transition to places of need or phase in?


  1. How will you monitor the church’s financial income and expenses?
  2. Will you launch a giving campaign? Or start sacrificial giving?
  3. Have you asked lenders for a reprieve on mortgages or other debt?
  4. What additional expenses do you need to incur for your relaunch?

Rescheduling ministry events

  1. Do you need to reschedule key events? (Graduations, Revival)
  2. Are you willing to do Virtual VBS and other yearly ministry events?

These are considerations we haven’t had to make as pastors, and so developing a plan is crucial to how we continue to minister and share the love of Christ effectively.

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