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Gambling legislation is up for a vote, make your voice heard


Now is the time for Georgia Baptists, along with other Christians around our state, to stand up and let their voices be heard opposing the expansion of gambling in Georgia. See my recent Facebook Public Affairs post.

HB 86, the Online Sports Betting bill introduced by Representative Ron Stephens, was voted out of the committee. We are waiting for the bill to be placed on the House floor for a vote, possibly this week. It is important that you contact your state representative immediately and let them know you want them to vote against the expansion of predatory gambling in Georgia.

Here is my testimony against sports betting in the Senate. I gave no testimony in the House, because they allowed NO public testimony in their hearings.

Let your representative know that Georgia is the #1 place to do business and raise a family. We do not need the gambling industry exploiting our success as a state. You can also contact your State Senator and let them know you are opposed to any form of gambling legislation that might come before them for a vote.

Please see my Christian Index article on the reasons – all false – that supporters of this legislation give. 

This year there are eight pieces of gambling legislation that have been introduced in the Georgia General Assembly. It is unbelievable that with all the social and economic needs that are in our state members of the legislature would focus so much on legalizing these social vices. See my testimony in the Senate hearing on Pari-mutuel.

Here is the list of gambling bills:

  1. HB 86 (Online Sports Betting) Rep. Ron Stephens
  2. SB 30 (Pari-mutual Betting, Horse Racing) Sen. Brandon Beech
  3. SR 53 (Pari-mutual Betting Amendment) Sen. Brandon Beech
  4. SB 142 (Online Sports Betting) Sen. Jeff Mullis
  5. HR 30 (Destination Resorts, Casino Gambling) Rep. Ron Stephens
  6. SB 212 (Pari-mutual Betting, Horse Racing) Sen. Mullis
  7. SR 131 (Pari-mutual Betting Amendment) Sen. Jeff Mullis
  8. SR 135 (Sports Betting Amendment) Sen. Jeff Mullis

  In my 14 years of lobbying at the Capitol I've never seen anything like this!

Also, see the reasons why Christians should not gamble.

Please share this information with your friends and church members. Now is the time to make a real difference.

Our children are depending on you!

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