Georgia town sees 300 decisions for Christ days ahead of planned evangelistic crusade


BAXLEY, Ga. — Christians in the Baxley area were preparing for an evangelistic crusade when a revival broke out.

Some 600 people had gathered for a pre-crusade youth rally on Wednesday evening. Nearly 300 of those made decisions for Christ.

“The key to the success last night was the people of God have been praying for months for this crusade,” said Rick Gage, the Georgia-based evangelist who leads GO TELL Ministries, in an interview Thursday. “This area is ripe for a great harvest, and I think we’re going to see a move of God.”

Georgia has been seeing large numbers of people coming to Christ since the COVID-19 pandemic subsided. The state’s 3,400 Georgia Baptist congregations have reported a 47% increase in baptisms since 2020.

Localized revivals have been popping up in every region of the state in churches large and small.

Gage, who left a promising career as a football coach to go into full-time evangelism in 1986, has seen tens of thousands of people commit their lives to Christ in evangelistic events around the world.

His U.S. crusades are typically held in small towns, usually in football stadiums, civic centers, and coliseums.

A Go Tell crusade in Rogersville, Tenn., last November resulted in 350 decisions for Christ. And in Madisonville, Ky., last September, 436 people made decisions for Christ.

About 50 churches have joined together for the Baxley crusade that set to run from Sunday through Wednesday at Appling County High School’s Jimmy Swain Stadium.

Gage said hundreds of volunteers have been working hard and praying hard in preparation for the crusade.

“The secret to the success of this campaign will be, Number 1, prayer, Number 2, prayer, and Number 3, prayer,” Gage said.