Governor Kemp releases advisement on Easter services


Today Governor Brian Kemp issued a press release, discouraging personal attendance at Easter services this Sunday. The Governor had mentioned in his briefing on Wednesday that he would be giving information regarding church services later this week.

He is very concerned about the spread of the coronavirus when there are groups assembling together. There have been reports where proper social distancing has not been maintained in public gatherings. He even mentions that there have been reports of people not staying in their cars when gathering in parking lots for church drive-in services.

While the press release is not communicating a new regulation regarding church meetings, it is an appeal to discourage meeting in person and to do online services as much as possible.

It comes down to the fact that Governor Kemp is just asking Georgians of faith to continue to do the right thing. Believers of all faiths have to take responsibility for our congregations and follow the directives we’ve been given.

As a Georgia Baptist, I’m thankful we are still able to practice our faith, minister to our communities, and celebrate our Risen Savior this weekend – whether that’s online or abiding by social distancing even at a drive-in service.

Again, I want to reemphasize the fact that this is not a new regulation banning church services on Sunday. But it is a strong consideration of caution.

Please see the press release and take into consideration the governor’s appeal.

Brian Kemp, coronavirus


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