Help Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes build up lives


In recent days, we’ve seen changes in our world that we still find hard to imagine happening in our lifetime. But even in these days of uncertainty there is still hope and the unshakable love of our God that sustains us in times of trouble and despair.

For 148 years, our Georgia Baptist Children’s Home has provided love and support to thousands of children and families in their times of uncertainty and need. This year’s Children’s Home Offering Day theme is “Tearing Down Walls … Building up lives”. When you support the Children’s Home with your financial gifts you are investing in the life of a child created by GOD.

Through its state-wide network of residential campuses, community group homes, and specialized programs, the HOME strives to tear down the walls of fear, hopelessness , and rejection that most of these children have suffered and help them in creating  a new life for themselves built upon the solid foundation of Jesus Christ.

In 2019, 1,013 children and families received support through the ministry of the Children’s Home and 55 of these children made life changing decisions to follow our Lord.

Children’s Home Day is traditionally recognized on Mother’s Day. This day may look a little different in our churches this year. I do hope and pray that by that time we will all be able to worship together with our own individual church families. Regardless of where we may be, I ask that as Georgia Baptists that you join me in praying for this vital ministry and that you will lend your financial support with a special offering.

I am grateful for the HOME’S leadership and dedicated staff, who even during these recent days of COVID-19, continue to keep the welfare of the children they serve at the forefront. 

I’m also grateful for the number of individuals, churches, and our Associations who have reached out to the Children’s Home during this time of crisis to provide protective masks, food, supplies, and words on encouragement.

As Georgia Baptists, this is our Children’s Home. Their ministry is Hard work, Important work, GOD’s work.

Together, let’s Tear Down Walls and Build Up Lives for the Glory of GOD.

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