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Hudgens, Ten Commandments Georgia present historical documents display at Georgia Military College


MILLEDGEVILLE — Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens and his wife Suzanne, alongside Ten Commandments-Georgia, recently presented Georgia Military College with a set of historical documents to display for students. 

The display consists of replicas of ...

  • the Bill of Rights
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Preamble to the Georgia Constitution
  • Lady Justice
  • the Magna-Carta
  • the Mayflower Compact
  • National Motto
  • the Star Spangled Banner, and
  • the Ten Commandments.

"I want to understand what are the historical documents of America," said Suzanne Hudgens, who serves on the board of directors for Ten-Commandments Georgia. "I don't believe the textbooks today talk about the biblical foundation of America and how great and good America is. ... was formed by men who wanted freedom and need to be read."

"Ten Commandments-Georgia, INC is a non-profit, grassroots organization committed to locating, educating, and motivating citizens to acknowledge God through knowing, obeying, and displaying the Ten Commandments, thereby restoring a common moral code based upon God's laws and the founding philosophy of our country", as stated at its website



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