Jesus grew – are you growing?



There is an old story about an employee who had been at a particular business for years. An opening came up that would be a promotion for them. They applied but were turned down. The employee was angry and went to the person who did the hiring.

They said, “I have thirty years of experience… Why didn’t I get the job?”

The employee was told, “No, you have three years experience but you have been here thirty years.”

That story is not verbatim, but it’s close and the point of it is that the employee had not grown. Yes, they had been t the company for years but they had stopped growing years before.

Lots of people are like that employee. They aren’t growing spiritually, emotionally, or intellectually. What about you? Are you growing?

In Luke 2:52, Luke says of Jesus, “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” Jesus grew… 

Let’s measure our growth. Are you growing spiritually? Every Christian should be growing. How does that growth take place? Through reading our Bible, praying, serving, and learning more about the faith. There is a lot of biblical illiteracy today. Are you growing spiritually?

Are you growing emotionally? Is there lots of drama in your life? Are you constantly rehearsing things that happened in the past, or have you reached a point where you have tried to eliminate drama?

Are you growing mentally? In order for anyone to grow we must read and learn. Today, there is so much information available there is no excuse for someone not growing.

Are you growing spiritually? Emotionally? Mentally? If not, I encourage you to get a on growth plan. Read the Bible. Learn new things about your profession. John Maxwell likes to encourage people to be a “lifelong learner.”

Determine to do that and experience growth.

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