Moultrie revival a reminder that Georgia Baptist Mission Board is an incredible resource for churches


What happened down in Moultrie this week should serve as a reminder about how incredibly gifted the people at the Georgia Baptist Mission Board are.

You may have read about it: Pastor Matt Greene at Kingwood Baptist Church scheduled a revival and called the GBMB’s Tim Williams to preach from Sunday through Wednesday.

In those four days, 30 people were saved in a church with average Sunday morning attendance of about 80 people.

Tim is an amazingly gifted evangelist. He leads people to Christ everywhere he goes – in the grocery store when he’s shopping, in the restaurant when he goes out to eat, on the sidewalk when he’s out for a stroll, everywhere.

Tim is never not reaching out to lost people. He’s on 24/7.

And Tim is not the exception at the state Mission Board with its incredible assortment of Christian ladies and gentlemen, all of whom have been especially gifted by God to help churches reach Georgia and the world for Christ.

That’s important for you as a Georgia Baptist to know, considering you have been commissioned to take the gospel to far-away countries, to all of North America, to your own cities, and into your own state, which, by the way, happens to be home to some 9 million unchurched people.

The Index posts lots of articles about the amazing work Georgia Baptist churches do to reach their own cities, lots of articles about the International Mission Board’s efforts to reach the uttermost parts of the earth, and about the North American Mission Board’s efforts on this continent.

But let’s not lose sight of the incredible work being done here in Georgia. Churches are being strengthened, pastors are being encouraged, and souls are being saved, every day, thanks to Tim Williams and all his colleagues at the state Mission Board.