New Bible helps men daily engage God’s Word


BRENTWOOD, Tenn. — Discipleship is not a competition, but if it were, men might be seen as underdogs. Research shows men’s discipleship tracks behind women’s in several key metrics. For example, women are 14% more likely than men to attend a weekly religious service, 10% more likely to spend time alone with God daily and 6% more likely to read from the Bible or a devotional.

The “CSB Men’s Daily Bible” by B&H Publishing Group is a new resource designed to help close the gap in these areas by encouraging men to engage with Scripture each day. Edited by Robert Wolgemuth, the “Men’s Daily Bible,” contains devotionals for every weekday of the year and more than 300 supplemental articles and insights to help men see how God’s Word can inform every aspect of their lives.

“Our aim as Bible publishers is to come alongside all church audiences in the development and creation of Bibles that are engaging and meaningful. That was certainly our goal for the ‘Men’s Daily Bible,’ which contains daily insights and articles curated especially for men in helping them engage with Scripture on a daily basis,” said Andy McLean, Bible publisher for Lifeway Christian Resources. “Our hope is that the ‘Men’s Daily Bible’ will not only serve men’s ministries across churches, but that it will help individual men in their pursuit of creating habits of being in God’s Word daily and thus becoming more like Jesus to those around them.”

The devotional structure of the “Men’s Daily Bible” is built around a three-tiered system of study helps. It includes Insights for the Moment, Insights for the Day and Insights for Life.

Insights for the Moment consists of 234 short callouts tucked into the pages of Scripture to provide concise and practical wisdom designed to inspire or clarify understanding of the passage. Insights for the Day, meanwhile, are longer articles for the workweek that shine a light on specific Bible passages by telling stories or illustrations that help apply Scripture passages to the everyday life of modern men.

Finally, more than 50 Insights for Life articles are authored by respected pastors and Christian leaders, such as Richard Blackaby, Ken Boa, Michael Catt, Tim Challies, Kevin DeYoung, Peter Greer, Bill Haslam, Steve Lawson, Bob Lepine, Albert Mohler, Stephen Nichols, Ray Orland, R.C. Sproul, Ken Tada, David Wheaton, Christopher Yuan and many more.

The “Men’s Daily Bible” also features book introductions, a 119-page concordance and 95 “Questions for Men” Q&As. In his introduction to the “Men’s Daily Bible,” Wolgemuth insists there are no dumb questions men can bring to God and His Word. Examples of Q&A topics include: “What language did Jesus speak?” “Do we still have to obey the rules of the Old Testament” and “What is grace?”

The “Men’s Daily Bible” can be used by men to go deeper in God’s Word on their own or as part of a discipleship group.

Ben Mandrell, Lifeway president and CEO, wrote on the importance of men banding together for discipleship in an article he contributed to the “Men’s Daily Bible.” “Men are notorious for self-reliance,” he wrote. “Building your faith can be a group project. You don’t have to walk alone. Someone you know, if you ask, will walk with you.”

The “Men’s Daily Bible” uses the text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB), which features an optimal blend of accuracy and readability. The CSB has continued to gain traction with readers of all ages and is one of the bestselling English Bible translations, according to ECPA sales data.

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