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Open Door: Amazing summer opportunities at Georgia Baptist camps


Summer is an amazing season of the year for ministry throughout the Georgia Baptist Convention. Both of our conference centers at Toccoa and Norman Park as well as our camp facilities at Pinnacle, the WMU camp, and Kaleo in Forsyth, Georgia have schedules that are packed with many wonderful activities during the summertime. Literally hundreds of decisions for Christ are made at our camps and conference centers in the summer. This year has been no exception.

Bill Wheeler, director of our ministry at the Toccoa Conference Center, recently sent me a copy of a note he received from Kim Wilson that beautifully expresses her church’s good experience at the Toccoa Conference Center.

Dear Bill and GBCC friends,

It has been on my heart to write and give testimony from “the other side” of how the Lord is using Georgia Baptist Conference Center for His great glory. I well understand how you, as staff, stay overwhelmed with the mechanics of the continual summer youth camps. As busy as you stay “behind the scenes,” unfortunately you are hindered from seeing the real “fruits” of your labor.

Our church here in Dublin sponsored ten youth to a recent Go Tell Camp in Toccoa. These were our younger, middle school grades youth. They traveled to Toccoa with several adults and our new pastor. Upon arriving in Toccoa, they immediately began texts and Facebook posts of all they were doing. On Monday evening, I received a call from one of the adults asking me to begin our prayer chain right away – the Holy Spirit was moving mightily in the service that evening. Before midnight that night, eight of our youth had prayed to receive Christ.

I write this to encourage you all in the work God has given you. Many are blessed by the ministry at Georgia Baptist Conference Center Toccoa. I will always count it a blessing to have been a part of it.

Those of you who have received beautiful notes like this in the course of your own ministry know what a great encouragement it is to those who seek to serve the Lord faithfully. The staffs at our conference centers at Toccoa and Norman Park as well as our camps at Kaleo and Pinnacle do an incredible job of serving those who come to walk through mighty spiritual experiences, not just in the summer but throughout the year.

Georgia Baptists have truly been blessed by the Lord to have these marvelous conference centers and camps. I very much appreciate our leadership and the great work that they are doing at each of these facilities.



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